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Release | Fumiko Magota

Notoro Cape in Abashiri is a must-visit place to get the panoramic view of drift ice!

The recommended spot to view drift ice in Abashiri is “Notoro Cape” where the iconic black and white lighthouse stands. This is one of the greatest view spots in Abashiri to get the wide perspective of drift ice and horizon. I will deliver icy scenery by pictures and videos!


I drove 20 minutes from downtown of Abashiri via Hokkaido Road No. 76. 

I visited Notoro Cape, which sticks out to the Sea of Okhotsk, to get the great panoramic view of drift ice. 

Under the cloudy sky, the white and blue colored drift ice on the gray ocean was extremely beautiful!

I will introduce some of the views. 

▲(Recorded by Hokkaido Likers photo writer FUKKO)

能取岬から常呂方面の流れ▲The view of the direction of Tokoro. I could see some drift ice floating. 

夕景の能取岬▲I could encounter with the dimmed sun. I imagine the sunset on sunny days must be amazing here. 

能取岬に接岸する流氷▲Drift ice came alongside the pier. 

能取岬からみた流氷▲The closer view. 

能取岬から見た流氷▲It looked like snow piled up on the ground rather than ice. 

オホーツクブルーの海と流氷と能取岬▲When it’s sunny, the contrast of white drift ice and “Okhotsk Blue” stands out clearly. (The photo is provided by Abashiri Tourism Association)

能取岬の周囲を埋め尽くす流氷▲Sometimes, drift ice fills up the sea around the cape. (The photo is provided by Abashiri Tourism Association)

Here is a place to get a wide view without any buildings except the lighthouse (and a management office). The attraction of this place is this wide perspective from left (west) to the right (east); the coastline of Notoro Cape and Tokoro Town, the Sea of Okhotsk, the coastline of Abashiri, Shiretoko   Mountains, etc. 

Also, there is the Misaki Ranch operated by Abashiri City on the other side of the sea. The view of this snowfield is beautiful, too. 

能取岬の反対側の美岬牧場▲Above is the scenery of Misaki Ranch side. 

It is like a park around the cape, so walk around the area and enjoy the great views from different perspectives. It is a little (a lot?) cold, but it will sure be a memorable place. 

“Notoro Cape” is where you can feel the great power of nature. If you are visiting Abashiri to see the drift ice, this is a must-visit place! 
  • Notoro Cape in Abashiri is a must-visit place to get the panoramic view of drift ice!

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Fumiko Magota