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Release | Fumiko Magota

Visit North in winter! The midwinter scenery of the northernmost point in Japan “Cape Soya” & “Cape Noshappu”

The freezing scenery is one of the attractions of Hokkaido. The sightseeing spot in the northernmost point in Japan “Cape Soya” and “Cape Noshappu” must be beautiful now…! I went to check how it is in the midwinter!


The northernmost point in Japan “Cape Soya”

Cape Soya is about 30 minutes from Wakkanai Airport and 45 minutes from JR Wakkanai Station by car. It is at 45° 31' 22" North Latitude, the northernmost point in Japan. 

稚内市の宗谷岬の碑▲Photo shooting in front of this monument is a standard thing to do here. 

There is the ocean in front of the cape, and if it is sunny, we can get a sight of Sakhalin at about 43 kilometers far. 

In summer, many motorbike lovers visit here but in winter, it is very quiet, and many things are frozen in the clear air. 

稚内市の宗谷岬の風景▲There are shops and restaurants on the east side.

稚内市の宗谷岬の風景▲The west side of Cape Soya. 

稚内市の宗谷岬からみた宗谷丘陵方面に風景▲There is Soya Hill at the back. 

稚内の宗谷岬の海におりる階段▲The stairs to go down to the sea got too much snow, and it did not look like stairs at all. The handrail and parts close to the sea were frozen. 

There are not much snow but the wind was strong, so the waiting room at Cape Soya bus stop looked like this. 

稚内の宗谷岬バス亭の待合所の凍りついた扉▲Snowflake art on the glass window. 

I guess snow blew to the window, will the door open properly…?


The golden sunset I saw on the way to Cape Noshappu

On the way to “Cape Noshappu” from Cape Soya, I saw a beautiful sunset. 

The golden sun was setting to the ocean. It was so beautiful, and I felt very refreshed. 

Surprisingly, unpredicted moments like this stay in our memories. 

稚内市の夕焼け▲The vague figures at far are islands of Sakhalin. 

稚内市の夕暮れ時の風景▲The part of ocean near the shore is frozen.


“Cape Noshappu” touches the heart of a traveler

From Cape Soya to Cape Noshappu is about 50 minutes drive to the “left” of a map. It is about 30 minutes from Wakkanai Airport and 10 minutes from JR Wakkanai Station. 

Cape Noshappu is famous as a spot to watch the sunset, and we can get sights of Mount Rishiri and Rebun Islands normally, but many clouds stayed at low when we went there, and we could see neither of them. 

However, this was also a great scenery. If you have lived in Hokkaido, you can understand instantly how cold this day was from the picture. 

稚内のノシャップ岬▲If it was sunny, we should have been able to see Mount Rishiri and Rebun Island from this angle. 

稚内のノシャップ岬の像▲Above is the dolphin statue. The red and white lighthouse stands out in the twilight. 

The mountain in the back is the rader site of Air Self-Defense Force of Japan and next to that is the port. 

There were “lotus ice” on the surface of the sea near the port. 

稚内のノシャップ岬の蓮氷▲Lotus ice is sorbet-like ice on the surface of the sea. 

稚内のノシャップ岬のとなりのみなと▲Fish boat on its winter break. 

The quiet season makes the atmosphere lonely and hidden, which touches the heart of travelers. 


Visit North in winter!

Winter is the perfect season to get beautiful sights because the amount of vapor in the air reduces and sights becomes clearer. 

If I was asked by someone what is the recommended beautiful scenery in Hokkaido, I will definitely pick up sceneries in midwinter. 

Everyone, visit north in winter to enjoy the Hokkaido-like beautiful midwinter scenery! 



- Wakkanai City Sightseeing Interaction Department

- Wakkanai Sightseeing Association
  • Visit North in winter! The midwinter scenery of the northernmost point in Japan “Cape Soya” & “Cape Noshappu”

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Fumiko Magota