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A report of snow sculpture making for Sapporo Snow Festival! “Ribbon-chan” at 4-Chome site


Sapporo Snow Festival at Odori Site started from February 6. Hokkaido Likers covered the making of Ribbon-chan’s snow sculpture at the 4-chome site. The Ribbon-chan, who will celebrate her 60th anniversary this year, snow sculpture was created like this!


The snow sculpture making started from a piece of snow piled up

Ribbon-chan’s snow sculpture making started at January 22, from a piece of snow piled up. Sculpture-making all starts from making this huge piece of snow to be the base of the piece. 

雪像づくりのための四角い雪のかたまり▲January 23, square piece of snow. This is the base of Ribbon-chan.

Then, they started curbing roughly from around January 27-28, and into details from 29.


The snow sculpture gets shaped gradually according to the plan

Ribbon-chan’s snow sculpture is curbed according to the plan. It is not made from a rough imagination, everything is calculated. It is totally different from snowman we make in the yard just outside of our houses. 

リボンちゃんの設計図▲The plan of making Ribbon-chan.

リボンちゃんの設計図▲All the length and the width are written here.

リボンちゃん雪像の製作途中▲January 29, still in a rough shape. 

Then, marks for eyes, nose, mouth on her face were written, and lines of her hair and clothes were curbed. 

やすりで磨くリボンちゃん雪像▲January 30, rasping the surface with a file.

2月1日のリボンちゃん雪像▲Ribbon-chan at February 1. 

At this point, we were able to recognize her face such as eyes, mouth, and nose, and the lid of plastic bottle was completed.

雪像の細かな部分を少しずつ削っていく▲Curbing into details little by little continues. 


Burst to the completion! 

The pointy hair of Ribbon-chan was made with something like a wire, and snow was put around that wire. 

2月2日のリボンちゃん▲February 2, her pointy hair is not done at this point. 

2月3日、リボンちゃんの特徴である、つんつんした髪もできあがってきました▲February 3, the pointy hair, which is one of the Ribbon-chan’s characteristics, was added. 

At last, curbing Ribbon-chan was completed! It was shown on February 6, the first day of Sapporo Snow Festival. 

2月6日、大通会場初日のリボンちゃん▲February 6, Ribbon-chan on the first day of Odori Site. 

雪まつり会場のリボンちゃん▲She is holding a bottle of Ribbon Napolin, of course. 

リボンちゃんの横には、リボンナポリンの自動販売機▲There is a vending machine of Ribbon Napolin drink next to Ribbon-chan. There were warm drinks, too. 

* Coverage cooperation
Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Ltd. 


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  • A report of snow sculpture making for Sapporo Snow Festival! “Ribbon-chan” at 4-Chome site

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