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Release | Fumiko Magota

Shosanbetsu “Konpira Shrine” is a must-see now! It’s a frozen superb view of ocean in mid-winter!

Shosanbetsu is known for the bright blue sky and sea in summer and golden color scenery in the evening, but how is it like in mid-winter? I thought; why not go and check? So I visited the superb scenery site Konpira Shrine in Shosanbetsu Village. I will deliver you the panoramic view of frozen ocean and torii gate with pictures and a video! 


Two hours drive via the drive way along the coastline called “Ororon Line” from Wakkanai City, the tip of Hokkaido. 

Under “Misakidai Park”, which has a nice view, there is bright red torii gate of “Konpira Shrine” in the shallow area of the Sea of Japan. 

夏の初山別村の金比羅神社▲This is the torii gate of “Konpira Shrine”. The picture above is taken in summer. By the way, the main building of this shrine is located on the quay. 

初山別村の金比羅神社と利尻山▲There is Mt. Rishiri far away! It also gets beautiful in the evening when the whole area changes the color to gold. 

When I went down the stairs from the park, I could reach the shore nearby, but it is hard to get close in winter because of snow. 

I took the photos from Toyosaki Port next to the shrine. 

初山別村の豊岬神社▲Toyosaki Port

Even in the white and gray world, the torii gate was beautiful. 

▲The bright red torii adds color to the scenery. 

Rough waves are frozen and look extremely cold, but this is winter in Hokkaido. The cold sea breeze feels like as if it is stabbing my cheek, but at the same time, it feels nice, too. 

初山別村の凍りついた金比羅神社▲I thought there are some white decorations, but it was frozen sea water. 

初山別村の凍りついたテトラポット▲There were icicles on tetrapods, too…

The origin of this shrine was that local fisherman deified Konpira-sama’s amulet which cast ashore on the port. It is said that since then, the number of accidents at sea decreased. 

The torii gates can be seen from the park, too, so enjoy the view from different places. If you got cold, warm your body at “Shosanbetsu Onsen Hotel Misaki-no Yu”, the onsen facility in the park. 

  • Shosanbetsu “Konpira Shrine” is a must-see now! It’s a frozen superb view of ocean in mid-winter!

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Fumiko Magota