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Release | Fumiko Magota

Hokkaido wooden goods shop, “Chiemoku” in Sapporo

“Chiemoku” is a studio in Sapporo creating various wooden goods using wood from Hokkaido. I visited the flagship store “Otona To Kodomo No Kizakka Chiemoku” (Chiemoku, wooden goods for adults and children). The products have warmness due to the hand work of artisans.


Dishes that won’t get dirty easily

Few minutes walk from Metro Tozai Line Maruyama Koen Station and 20 minutes drive from JR Sapporo Station. 

“Otona To Kodomo No Kizakka Chiemoku” (Chiemoku, wooden goods for adults and children) is the place where visitors can find pieces made by the woodcraft artist Chie Mishima, who also is the president of “Chiemoku”. 

札幌市中央区円山のチエモクの外観▲The store is faced to Urasando. 

The store opened in 2013. Various products are displayed in a small store. Their products are color free so people can enjoy natural wood colors. It is very fulfilling by just looking at the products. 

札幌の円山のチエモクの内観▲Small wooden goods such as key chains and accessories are displayed everywhere. 

Many dishes are limitedly sold at the flagship store. Those dishes are coated with liquid glass to avoid getting dirty even though sauce or dressings are used. This is intended to make people use this dish in daily life, like ceramics and glasses. 

The dishes are made with seven procedures to coat paints over and over, dry, and polish. The texture is very smooth. It seems like to be useful in everyday life. 

札幌の工房チエモクの皿と箸▲“Kihon No Osara (The basic dish)” and “Teshigoto Hashi (The Handwork chopsticks)”. The difference of color is the difference of woods. I was surprised to find such a huge difference on the colors. The chopsticks are coated so that it won’t get molds easily. 


“Wooden goods for daily life”

Mishima, who was born in a furniture studio, worked for a company after she finished school. However, she wanted to create what she really thinks good and sell. She quit the job and apprenticed to her father. 

As she studied, she found a path to create small goods instead of furniture, and few centimeter big “Chalkboard Eraser Strap” became a huge hit. She became independent in 2008. 

札幌のチエモクの黒板消しストラップ▲“Chalkboard Eraser Strap” (left). It can wipe the screen of mobile phones. On the right is Hokkaido-like “Curling Stone” version. 

札幌の円山のチエモクの道具シリーズストラップ▲“tool series”, chisel or trowel strap was created when she was practicing carving knife when she was studying. 

“I want to give a purpose to my products. I would rather make things that are useful in daily life, something cute, something healing, instead of just looking at them.” That is what Mishima says, and she produces unique products continuously, such as, “Spotted Garden Eel Butter Knife” which can put on tables without using plates, and “Two-Sided Postcard Frame” which can be used both horizontally and vertically. 

札幌の工房チエモクのちんあなごくん▲“Spotted Garden Eel Butter Knife” has a cute expression which makes us relaxed. This knife has a certain angle that the side of the knife where used to put butter does not touch tables. There is also a version for a left-handed person. 

札幌のチエモクの両面ポストカードと木のノート▲The new product born in summer 2016, “Two-Sided Postcard Frame” is becoming popular. As the name describes, this is a frame just the right size for a postcard. On the left is Hokkaido wood notebook. 

All the products have round shape somehow, and they have warm texture. Why don’t you add Hokkaido wood products handmade by artisans to your daily life? 

北海道札幌市の工房チエモクのスタッフ▲“The door is very small but please feel free to open our door!” said the staffs. 

* You can check out inside the store with Google Indoor View. 
  • Hokkaido wooden goods shop, “Chiemoku” in Sapporo

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Fumiko Magota