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Enjoy snowmobile on frozen Onuma Park, only five minutes walk from the station!


Drive snowmobile at full speed in the mid-winter Onuma Park! You can feel as if you are on a private frozen lake. You don’t need a driver’s license; anyone can participate in the experience. For those who feel uneasy about driving, there is also a sled plan. Relax and enjoy! 

冬の大沼公園と駒ヶ岳▲The snowmobile stop is five minutes walk from JR Onuma Koen Station, a little further than the standard photo shooting spot in Onuma Park. There is a sign written “Snowmobile Stop” so it is easy to find.

In Onuma Park, there are multiple lakes from small ones to large ones and numerous small islands on those lakes. In the mid-winter, the water surface freezes and snow piles up on the ice. The flat snow field continues far away, and islands on the lake float on the field.
大沼公園の湖上でのスノーモービル体験▲Drive snowmobile between the islands on the spacious lake! 

Let’s try driving snowmobile!


You can drive snowmobiles even if it is the first time for you

After completing the registration, first, visitors wear helmets for safety. There is large and small size so choose the one which fits.
Next, you will listen to the explanation about how to drive.
スノーモービルのハンドルアップ▲The lever on the right is the accelerator and left is the brake. 

It is similar to driving a motorcycle under 50 cc. For those who do not drive motorcycles, consider foot pedal for bicycles became your right hand.  
スノーモービルの運転のしかた説明図▲Push the lever with the thumb like this and snowmobile will accelerate. Be careful because snowmobile can speed up to 50km/h! Accelerate it slowly. 

Put the helmet on, understand how to drive, then let’s start driving!


Drive at full speed in Onuma Park? The thrill of speed is exciting! 

In the snowmobile experience plan, you can enjoy two rounds of the course about one kilometer. 
It is fun to enjoy driving on the frozen lake by yourself, but you can also enjoy driving with your friends or children together and take turns. 
スノーモービルと駒ヶ岳▲There are snowmobiles for single and pair. The picture above is for a pair. 

When I pushed the accelerator slowly, the engine started to cry. I felt slight shake on my hip, and the snowmobile started to move. 
I thought I pushed lightly, but the snowmobile had much more power than I thought! It seemed like if I pushed the lever too hard, I might have gotten left behind the snowmobile. 
スノーモービルの運転者の目線▲It seems like we are in the forest, but this is on the lake. Drive between the islands and go on to the center of the lake. 

The surface of the lake seems like flat, but there are some bumps so when you speed up, you will fill shaking. Because of that, you don’t have to drive at full speed to feel like you are driving!
I felt like I was a speed addict on ice! I could enjoy powerful driving when I speed up as much as I can. 
大沼公園で駒ヶ岳をバックに走るスノーモービル▲Drive between islands seeing Mt. Komagatake on the back. Be careful to not speed up too much…

Of course, it is recommended to drive slowly like a bicycle and enjoy the scenery. 


For those who are uncomfortable with driving, island tour on a sled is recommended! 

For those who are concerned about driving snowmobile by yourself, how about riding on a sled and take a tour on the frozen lake? The snowmobile driven by staff pull the sled and go around the spots on the frozen lake. Of course, you don’t have to drive the snowmobile so you can relax and enjoy the scenery.
大沼公園のソリ▲The sled goes around about 1.8-kilometer course once. The staff will stop the sled at spots and give some explanations. 

The highlight of the tour is the sign of 42nd parallel north. The parallel 42° north passes through around northwest of Onuma in Onuma Park, and there is a sign on the frozen lake. 
大沼公園湖上の北緯42度線▲The sign of 42nd parallel north on the lake. The parallel 42° north also passes Otobecho and Erimocho in Hokkaido.

The weather was cloudy, but driving snowmobile on the frozen lake was such fun!
When I was driving on the lake below zero degrees, I felt a little coldness but it was too fun that I could forget coldness when I was on the snowmobile! When I drive at full speed, I could forget all the stress I had!
Driving snowmobiles on the frozen lake felt so refreshing! It is offered from late January to early March every year. If you have a chance to visit Onuma Park in winter, you definitely should do this!
* The plan may not be available depending on the situation of ice, so you should check in advance. 
  • Enjoy snowmobile on frozen Onuma Park, only five minutes walk from the station!