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Release | Fumiko Magota

Furano Jam Garden offers delicious jam produced from vegetables and fruits from Furano

At Furano Jam Garden, which renovated the building in 2015 and expanded the shop, you can enjoy selecting jams produced with vegetable and fruits from Furano. About 30 minutes from Furano City, located in the middle of a mountain, the shop offers delicious jams.


Homemade jam which keeps the flavor since the establishment

Pumpkin, carrot, grape, apple, melon, rhubarb, lingonberry, kiwi berry… All 40 kinds of “Auntie Jam’s Furano Jam” sold at “Furano Jam Garden” is home made on their property. 

Ingredients of their jam, which is vegetables and fruits, are mostly produced in Furano or Hokkaido except for chestnut for confiture, orange for marmalade, and pomelo. 


The process is old-school homemade style. The procedure is very simple: put ingredients ripen into full maturity in a pot, skim off the scum on the surface and boil down in a strong fire. 

To enjoy the taste of ingredients itself, they do not put much sugar in their jam. When they need to add sourness, they add fresh lemon juice. They never use any preservatives, artificial flavoring, or food coloring and cherish the natural flavor.  


They can only produce 50 to 55 bottles of the size of 140 grams in one pot at a time. They tried to produce in a bigger pot so that they can produce more, but the taste did not turn out good, and they gave up to produce a mass amount. No matter how busy they are, the size of the pot will not change since 1986 when they opened. 


Which flavor is most popular?

When you want to shop the jam, it is hard to decide which one to buy because there are so many kinds of flavors, but no worries. Customers can taste all flavors at the shop! You can try the flavors by putting on small pieces of bread, so you can decide the one to purchase after you try every flavor. 

富良野のふらのジャム園の試食コーナー▲Tasting area in the shop, you can try all 40 kinds of flavors.

The most popular flavor is “haskap”. Haskap is a berry-like fruit grow only in Hokkaido, and Furano Jam Garden uses haskap produced on their own farm. The balance of sourness and sweetness is awesome. 

The second and third most popular flavors are strawberry and blueberry. Both of them offer great natural taste with a slight sourness. 

富良野のふらのジャム園の人気ジャム▲Above are the three most popular flavors. From the left: strawberry, haskap, blueberry.

Also, they produce snacks using their jam. “Linzer Torte” is baked sweets putting jam on a crusty dough made with Furano flour, brown sugar, and almond powder. 

富良野のふらのジャム園のリンツァートルテ▲Linzer Torte has three flavors: haskap, raspberry, and carrot. 

Enjoy the homemade flavor from nature of Furano through their jam or snacks. 

  • Furano Jam Garden offers delicious jam produced from vegetables and fruits from Furano

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Fumiko Magota