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Release | Fumiko Magota

Candlelight and natural scent make you relax, FURANO CANDLE SHIPS

FURANO CANDLE SHIPS is a studio making candles using motifs of nature in Hokkaido and scent of the seasons in the original method. There are unique candles look like ice, glass, or potatoes. Why don’t you get relaxed by those candle lights?


Unique candles express “Furano” 

2.5 hours drive from Sapporo. Kazumi Okumura and Yutaka Nasuno from FURANO CANDLE SHIPS work on creating beautiful candles at a studio in the middle of nature in Furano City. They renovated a garage to make the studio. New candles are born every day in this quiet environment without any visitors. 

Their candles are very unique. 

They use a special wax to create “SORA-CHI wood” candle, which expresses grain in mid-winter Hokkaido, frozen from snow on the surface. (The name “SORA-CHI” came from Sorachi River which flows in Furano)

フラノキャンドルシップスのキャンドル「ソラチウッド」▲“SORA-CHI wood” has different scents such as grapefruits and rosewood, depending on its colors. 

“Jaga Candle” has color and shape just like potatoes! (“Jagaimo” is “potatoes” in Japanese)

富良野キャンドルシップスの「じゃがキャン」▲“Jaga Candle” looks like potatoes but its scent is lavender and peppermint, very sweet. 

“Herb Dew Piller” soaked dried herbs to put color and scent and uses 100% Furano produced beeswax.

フラノキャンドルシップスのハーブデュウピラー▲“Herb Dew Piller” has three color variations. The picture is German Camomile. 

And transparent candle “cielo” wraps the wind, air, and color of the sky in Furano. 

フラノキャンドルシップスのシエロ▲“cielo” which looks like ice or glass also has three color variations. The one in the picture has the fresh scent of lavender & Greenleaf. 

There is a reason for the gentle color and natural scent of these candles. Okumura said, “the attraction of Hokkaido is fresh and delicate colors, so I could not imagine strong colors nor scents.” 

There was a person who said “there are not any wood colored pink like this” when he saw “SORA-CHI wood”. But actually, the color of woods with morning sun looks like this. All of the colors are inspired by scenes from reality and left in her memories. 


“Make everything original”

Okumura is from Osaka, but by watching TV drama about Furano, she started to visit Furano many times. Then she realized that she gets lighten up when she visited Furano. 

She thought the color and scent of the land pushed her and became extremely interested in the power of nature in Furano. She then started to study aromatherapy and color psychology. She moved to Furano and when she was seeking for jobs which she can use her knowledge and certificates, she came up with the idea to create candles. 

On the other hand, photographer Nasuno, who had build his careers in Tokyo and other countries and came back to Furano, where he is from, was thinking of creating candles at the same time. 

“Candles are photogenic, but I had not encountered candles that I strongly wish to capture in my pictures. So I thought of making one by myself.” 


They got along so well, and since they are doing this, they decided to challenge to make original candles.  

There are not many specialized tools for creating candles, so they searched 100 yen shops to find tools that are useful. The first candle used a tool to squeeze grapefruits as the mold! When he looked back about that candles, Nasuno laughed. “It was such a horrible work.”


They are applying “Gummy wax” for patent

フラノキャンドルシップスのキャンドル制作風景▲Okumura (left) and Nasuno (right) creating candles at the studio. Managing temperature and time is extremely important in making candles, so they call two timers on the right in the picture “boss”. 

They still create molds by themselves and is particular about that. The molds of “SORA-CHI wood” is made from real fallen tree and “Jaga Candle” is made from real potatoes. “When I was working on making the mold for Jaga Candle, I continued buying and eating potatoes again and again until I found a potato with perfect shape.” Icy wood surface and smooth potato textures are copied very well, and I could feel strong feelings towards each candle. 

フラノキャンドルシップスのキャンドルの型▲The handmade candle mold. 

Also, “cielo” uses “Gummy wax”, which is a special wax created by Okumura and Nasuno. They applied “Gummy wax” for a patent. 

It has a bouncy texture just like gummies, but it is said to be very difficult to create something with this kind of texture stand alone without a container. They wanted to create something that is soft but can stand alone. 

It finally could become a product after many failures. One time, prototype burned all instantly after they lit. Other than “cielo”, they also create candles look like glass and ice on the ocean. 

フラノキャンドルシップスの制作道具▲Tools to create candles


What is the recommended usage?

In the end, I asked for a recommended usage of these candles at home. Okumura gave me the answer. 

“I would like people to try lighting the candle in the bathroom. Put the candle on the side of a bath tub, light the candle, then turn off the lights. Gradually your bathroom will be filled with great scent, and it will make you relax so well. “

フラノキャンドルシップスの奥村さん▲Okumura used to be a nurse. “I would like to help to maintain the health of minds before going to see a doctor.” She told me at “e-na” in Furano Marche 2. 

Candles can be purchased at “e-na” in Furano Marche 2 or hotels in Furano City. Why don’t you get one of these candles as a souvenir or present from travel to Furano? 

Also, there are few stores that sell the candles in Asahikawa and Sapporo, so check the details at their official website. There are much more products that could not be introduced in this article. You can also see beautiful pictures and videos taken by Nasuno, too! 

Beautiful candle lights, quiet sound of candles burning, and colors and scents expressing nature. Enjoy a relaxing moment with the candles and feel Furano. 

  • Candlelight and natural scent make you relax, FURANO CANDLE SHIPS

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Fumiko Magota