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Release | Takako Chiba

Marusei Butter Sandwich, the standard souvenir from Hokkaido

Rokkatei’s “Marusei Butter Sandwich” is the standard souvenir from Hokkaido that everyone loves, client, boss, and elders. Even I, a person from Hokkaido, have some special feelings about this sweets. When I was a child, Marusei Butter Sandwich was always there when adult people gather, new years, summer holidays, funerals, or weddings. I don’t know if this is because of that, when I bring Marusei Butter Sandwich to someone, I feel like I am an adult. Is it only me? 
▲Rokkatei’s “Marusei Butter Sandwich”. When I bring this, I feel like I get evaluated.
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Marusei Butter Sandwich was an anniversary confection when they changed the company’s name

Many people think Rokkatei = souvenir from Hokkaido = Sapporo, but Rokkatei’s main branch is in Obihiro. Tokachi area, where Obihiro is located, has rich resources of ingredients to make confectionaries, such as butter, milk, sugar, wheat, and red beans. The place is known as “Sweets Kingdom”.  
* Provided photo
In that area Tokachi Obihiro, they operated as “Obihiro Senshuan” but they changed the name of the company to “Rokkatei” in 1977. Marusei Butter Sandwich was the anniversary confection to celebrate the change. Since then, 37 years have passed, and that anniversary confection became to be loved by people from inside and outside of Hokkaido as the popular sweets from Hokkaido. 

Marusei Butter Sandwich has the history of improvement

“Marusei Butter Sandwich has a strong image as a souvenir, but the way of our thinking towards confections is to make confections that locals would like to eat every day. Improvements are made all the time even after it got started selling.” Narita from public relations department of Rokkatei told me. 
▲Rich cream and raisin go so well! It is sure the confection we want to eat every day. 
When it started selling, Marusei Butter Sandwich was made all handmade, from making the dough to wrapping. York was put on the surface of biscuits. Then they started using machines to reduce powder-like texture. The sandwich now uses crunchy biscuit and rich buttercream and enlarged comparing to the first version. They pursued the deliciousness and Marusei Butter Sandwich improved as the generation changed. 

Let’s look closely at Marusei Butter Sandwich! 

Their biscuit uses special flour for Rokkatei. Inside is cream which mixed white chocolate, raisin, and 100% Hokkaido milk butter. The texture of biscuit is first crunchy and gets wet right away. 
▲If you think butter sandwich is too heavy, you will have to change the way of thinking! The biscuit and raisin harmonize thick cream, and you would want one more bite.  
The cream mixes not only butter but also white chocolate, which makes the texture deep. It becomes rich and delicate by adding the sourness of raisin. 
▲This is not very good manner, but if you split the biscuit, you can enjoy only the biscuit and cream! … is it only me to do this?  
“The name came from the first butter made in Tokachi called “Marusei Butter”. The butter was produced by Banseisha, which was led by Benzo Yoda, the pioneer of Tokachi area. Our package design is the homage of their butter, too.” Narita said. 
▲The character “成” (Sei) is in the circle. This is where the name “Marusei” (Sei in the circle) comes from.  
This red label has not changed since Marusei Butter Sandwich started selling. 

Take home the gift from the earth

Did you know that the message “Confections are the gift from the earth” is written on the package? Confections from Rokkatei has a lot of gifts from Tokachi in Hokkaido.
▲The message can be printed because it is produced by Rokkatei, which has the main branch in Sweets Kingdom Tokachi Obihiro. 
Marusei Butter Sandwich is packaged into pieces so it is easy to distribute. However, if you want to make this more a formal gift, give it as a box. And give a message “the souvenir if a gift from the land of Hokkaido” together with Marusei Butter Sandwich! 


  • Marusei Butter Sandwich, the standard souvenir from Hokkaido

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Takako Chiba