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The last stop with 95 years of history - JR Rumoi Honsen Mashike Station -


When you get on the train from Fukagawa Station, you will see the Sea of Japan after you pass Rumoi Station. Then the train will reach at the end of the railroad. The last stop is JR Rumoi Honsen Mashike Station. This last stop has a nostalgic wooden building that is used for 95 years, but it will end its job in December 2016. I went to Mashike Station to get the sight at last. 

増毛付近の海沿いを走る列車▲From Rumoi to Mashike, there are lots of parts with the sight of the Sea of Japan and the scenery is very nice.


Historical Mashike Station

When you get off the train at Mashike Station, you will notice a large empty field in front of the platform. This is the ruins of a railroad for freight trains. Mashike Station used to deal with containers and freight trains until around 1980, and it was a station where many people stay and work. However, the station became an unmanned station with only a few local trains stops per day in the end. 

増毛駅のホームと線路端▲The railroad was longer in the past. 

増毛駅の先端▲Multiple railroads are taken away; only a single railroad is left now. 

When I closed my eyes in front of the railroad ruins with grasses and sands, I the image a sepia colored scene just like a movie, a steam locomotive passing next to freight trains to change its direction, came up to me.

Mashike Station started operating in 1921.
The station building has been renovated few times, but most of this wooden building have not changed since the beginning. This nostalgic atmosphere is perfect as the last stop. I felt the long history and aesthetic from this station. 

増毛駅駅舎▲Wooden unmanned station. Inside the station, there is a store selling marine products, etc.

増毛駅の駅名盤▲Mashike Station is also famous as a place to visit if you want to increase your hair, reading Chinese character of Mashike on another way, “Zoumou” meaning “increasing hair”. 


Great scenery in front of Mashike Station

In front of the station, there are two old buildings with signs “Tomitaya Ryokan” and “Kazamachi Shokudo”. I guess in the past, merchants came to Mashike Station to do business or people who head to Ofuyu district, which was very hard to visit, used Mashike Station as a stopping point.  

増毛駅前の「富田屋旅館」と「風待食道」▲“Tomitaya Ryokan” and “Kazamachi Shokudo” in front of Mashike Station.

Both of them are not operated as a ryokan (Japanese inns) or a restaurant now, but both of them are important buildings to transmit the atmosphere of ryokan and restaurant in front of the station to people who live now. These two are also important parts of Mashike Station, to add nostalgic atmosphere as the last stop.

増毛駅駅舎と列車▲There are many places that are scenic in Mashike Station. 

The scenic last station was used in locations for dramas and films. “Eki STATION” starring Ken Takakura, created in 1981, is one of the most famous films. “Kazamachi Shokudo”, became a tourist information center now, introduces film and how location shooting was operated at that time. 

増毛駅で出発を待つ列車▲The train waiting for customers getting on at Mashike Station. The last stop changes to the first stop.

Mashike Station will soon end the duty as the last stop, continued for 95 years. Good job Mashike Station, for welcoming trains and customers as the entrance to Mashike. 

増毛駅に入ってくる列車▲The first train in the morning entering to Mashike Station. Soon it won’t be able to see. 

* The pictures were taken in September 2016. The pictures in the station are taken with the permission of JR Hokkaido Asahikawa branch. 
  • The last stop with 95 years of history - JR Rumoi Honsen Mashike Station -