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Release | Fumiko Magota

Kamifurano-cho “Kemuriya” aims to produce delicious sausages and bacon

Kamifurano-cho “Kemuriya” is 15 minutes drive from Biei-cho and 30 minutes from Furano. Kemuriya produces and sells additive-free homemade ham and sausages. The shop is isolated from houses and hard to find, but it is also fun to drive in the beautiful hill scenery, relying on only signs along the way. 


The ingredient is locally produced “Kamifurano Pork”!

The ingredients of ham and sausage produced in “Kemuriya” is raw “Kamifurano Pork”, freshly delivered from the local meat processing center. 

The products are seasoned with salt and natural spices. 

Additives, artificial colorings, or extender are not used. People like their products because of the natural taste. 


What is the popular product? 

There are about 20 kinds, but the most popular product is “Pork Sausage” which is made from 100% pork. 

The manager Shinjiro Suzuki said, “I aimed to produce the flavor which people won’t get bored even if they had the sausage every day.”

上富良野町のけむり屋の店主、鈴木さん▲Mr. Suzuki

The newest product started selling from this year (2016) is “Sausage with Cheese”, which added natural cheese to the Pork Sausage. The idea had already come up three years ago, but it took a long time to find additive-free cheese made with 100% milk. 

Also, “Hot Sausage” which put three kinds of pepper, red, black, and green, goes perfectly with beer. 

Mr. Suzuki loves to drink. So he often comes up with a new recipe when he is drinking and this Hot Sausage was produced in this way, too.


You will be knocked out by the aroma of bacon!

The smoker to smoke ham and sausages is an open fire style. Mr. Suzuki himself designed, and ordered to an ironwork to build the smoker.

He uses Ezo Yama Zakura for the fumigant. He uses chips for sausages, but for bacon, he burn wood for 10 hours and slowly soaks the aroma into bacon. 

Because of that, the aroma of bacon when you put heat on a frying pan is amazing! You can enjoy the slight aroma with sausage but you can’t compare with bacon. I thought that I may be able to drink beer with just the smell of bacon.


Mr. Suzuki is an ex-system engineer

Mr. Suzuki’s previous work was a system engineer. At a point, he thought, “I can start to live in the rural areas”, which he wanted to do since he was a child, and quit the job. He started to work for a person who practice self-sufficiency by raising pigs and chickens. 

Then he helped the person to produce meat products, and moved to the place he lives now. 

To live with additive-free ham and sausage, he built a factory/shop here. He did what he could do by himself as well as ask for helps from professionals, and renovated a big warehouse and prepared the water supply and drainage.


The products can only be purchased here!

In the store, there are not any showcase, and he does not display products. Pick the product you are interested from a basket next to the cashier, he will bring the product from the refrigerator at the back. 

Since all of the products are additive-free, they are very delicate and last for only a short period. Therefore, he cannot sell them in other places like Sapporo and airports. People should visit the shop or use their e-commerce website to purchase the products. 

There will be a hot dog cafe from mid-June to August, too!

Why don’t you visit the place?

* The shop is closed on January 2017

  • Kamifurano-cho “Kemuriya” aims to produce delicious sausages and bacon

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Fumiko Magota