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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Tarakoya Kojohama”, get delicious Tarako cod roe at Shiraoi-cho!

If you are visiting Noboribetsu Onsen Resort, “Tarakoya Kojohama” is a must-stop place! Why don’t you take home some unique Tarako cod roe made here, from fresh eggs of Alaska pollock? There is also the all-you-can-stuff Tarako at the branch!


The specialty of Shiraoi-cho “Kojohama Tarako” 

The shop is 15 minutes by car from Noboribetsu Onsen Resort and 5 minutes from JR Noboribetsu Station.
Tarakoya Kojohama, the producer and retailer of Tarako cod roe, is located in the middle of a quiet living neighborhood. There was a beautiful ocean in front of the shop.


The ingredients of their Tarako cod roe is eggs of fresh Alaska pollock caught in the Pacific Ocean right next to the store. 

白老町のたらこ家のたらこ▲Tarako displayed in the frozen showcase in the store. There are various flavors such as Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and white soy sauce. 

白老町のたらこ家のたらこ▲The No.1 popular product is “Kireko” above. 

“Kaneshime Matsuda Suisan (Fishery)”, the owner of the store was established in 1913. They started producing Tarako cod roe around 1965. It was 2007 when Iburi Fishing Industry Cooperatives registered the regional trademark for “Kojohama Tarako”. 

Kojohama is the name of the region around here. 


Sweet, moist, and creamy Tarako

Every year, from October to February is the season of Alaska pollock. What makes Tarako produced here special is “raw ingredients” and produce the whole stacks enough for the coming year in this limited period. 

At the processing factory in the back of the store, people work from early in the morning to cut freshly caught Alaska pollock and selecting its eggs. 

Eggs from Alaska pollock are dipped in the sauce and aged at low temperature for one week. 

The finished Tarako has got full of eggs under the thin skin! 


“We can produce delicious Tarako because we start producing within the day of fishes being caught”, says  Mr. Harada, the director of the company. “Enjoy moist and smooth texture like Yokan.” 

The percentage of salt is about 4% and rather sweet, and they do not use artificial coloring. The difference in colors of Tarako is the proof of natural deliciousness! 

白老町たらこ家の取締役の原田さん▲Mr.  Harada


There is also all-you-can-stuff at the branch “Tairyo Banya Kojohama”! 

At the eat-in space in the back of the store, you can enjoy rice bowl and pasta dish featuring Tarako as the main ingredient. 

白老町のたらこ家虎杖浜の内観▲They also sell other products such as dried fish and additive-free Shiokara. Tables are at the back.  

Also, at the branch “Tairyo Banya Kojohama”, which is about few minutes drive from Tarakoya Kojohama, provides all-you-can-stuff limitedly on weekends! 

大漁番屋虎杖浜の外観▲“Tairyo Banya Kojohama” is located along the National Route No. 36. 

I tried all-you-can-stuff, and enjoyed it very much! It’s not just fun; their Tarako is very tasty, so I could believe staffs say there are lots of people come here repeatedly. 

白老の大漁番屋虎杖浜のたらこの詰め放題▲Stuffing carefully to not break the skin does not work! The staff told me that if you want to stuff lots of pieces, stuff Tarako from the bottom, push a little bit, and do not give Tarako pieces any spaces! 

Tarako produced from Alaska pollock freshly caught during the year will start to be sold around the end of November usually. 

Popular products as gifts are “Kojohama No Magokoro” 300g ¥3,240 ~, “Kiwametuke” series 350g ¥5,400 ~.

This is a must-stop place to find gifts or souvenirs, or have delicious Tarako for lunch!

  • “Tarakoya Kojohama”, get delicious Tarako cod roe at Shiraoi-cho!

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Fumiko Magota