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Release | Fumiko Magota

Kitafunaoka Station in Date City is the closest station to sea in JR Muroran Honsen and popular to train photography geeks!

The unmanned station in Date City where train photography geeks gather. “Kitafunaoka Station” in JR Muroran Honsen, is a simple station without any station buildings, but the place has an atmosphere with the vast scenery of the Pacific Ocean.


It is like floating on the sea

The cameraman and I arrived with our car to Kitafunaoka Station in the evening at dusk. People who got off from the train just has arrived were children seem to get back from school.

After cars of their family left, we could only hear the sound of waves.

As I walked the overpass towards the opposite side of the platform, which was the ocean side, it was so close to the sea. I felt the smell of the ocean and felt like the station was floating on the sea.


Why is this station popular to train photography geeks?

The station is very popular to train photography geeks, and I could figure out the reason instantly. 

When we visit the station by car, we can get the sight of this station when we finish climbing the slope. This scenery of the station was extremely beautiful. 

坂の上から見た北舟岡駅▲Kitafunaoka Station seen from the middle of the slope.

“In addition to that, this station has local trains, express trains, and freight trains. A part of the railroad is multiple because this place is used to wait for the trains to cross each other. Sometimes, a freight train stops at this station to make an express train go first, and it turns out to be a very interesting picture.” The cameraman I was with, whose hobby is train photography told me. “We can shoot from the overpass and the platform so we can get a variety of pictures. The scenery is fantastic, and it makes not only pictures of trains but also beautiful landscape pictures. This is another reason why this station is popular.” He continued to talk.

北舟岡駅の跨線橋から撮影▲The local train shot from the overpass. 

北舟岡駅の跨線橋から撮影した列車▲It looks like this from the opposite side.

ホームから撮影した特急列車▲The express train shot from the platform.

ホームから撮影した特急▲This is the another side. 

The scenery changes depending on time and season. For example, the sun sets right in front of the station in summer, and the station with snow and wind is also very photogenic. “When I come here, I cannot resist taking pictures. I can find a treasure every meeting here. “

北舟岡駅の夕景▲Sunset and Kitafunaoka Station shot in summer. 

北舟岡駅から見た夕焼け▲The coastline and shadows of Mt. Usu in the evening.

鏡にうつった北舟岡駅▲The train in a mirror.

冬の北舟岡駅▲This is a scenery in winter. The photograph depicts the harsh coldness of air. 

The time to wait for the train is a relaxing time away from work. Why don’t you visit local train stations and be a train photography geek for next holidays? 
  • Kitafunaoka Station in Date City is the closest station to sea in JR Muroran Honsen and popular to train photography geeks!

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Fumiko Magota