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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Koboro Station” JR Muroran Honsen, the most hidden station in Japan

“The most hidden station in Japan”, Koboro Station has been called with this nickname since some time or another. It is JR Muroran Hosen’s unmanned station in Toyoura Town by the Pacific Ocean. I visited this station with a railroad geek cameraman. In this article, I will introduce how the station was! 


The station is located in between mossy tunnels

Hidden Koboro Station cannot be reached by car, so the cameraman and I left the car behind and got on the train from Ookishi Station, another unmanned station. 

室蘭本線の大岸駅▲Ookishi Station was very quiet. To reach the opposite platform, use the cross-walk put on the railroad. 

The train got into the platform was a car of “Yushun Roman Go” which used to run on JR Hidaka Honsen. 

We reached to Koboro Station in about 11 minutes since the train left Ookishi Station. 

室蘭本線の小幌駅に停まる列車、優駿浪漫▲A memorial photo with Yushu Roman Go! When I was on the train, I enjoyed the scenery of sea and mountains, cozy shakiness, and sounds of train running touched my heart as a traveler. 

As the train left, I looked on my left side and noticed a tunnel.


Also to the right side and found a tunnel.


Oh, my! 

Koboro Station was a station about 80 meters between mossy tunnels!


The station was raised from a signal station

To begin with, Koboro Station was a signal station (a station where up trains and down trains meet) when JR Muroran Hosen was a single track. Then it was raised to a normal station for people to get on and off. 

A long time ago, Koboro bay down the station was flourished with fisheries, and many fishers were living here. However, fishing boats developed and people choose to live in this inconvenient area decreased. It’s been a long time since no one is living in this area. 

Nowadays, people who use this station are railroad geeks. Also, people who would like to visit Koboro Cave Ruins and visit a temple here. 

There was a plastic box in the bottom of the station sign. 

Inside the box, I found an enlarged ticket, probably for memorial photos (dates could be changed with magnets!), station notebook, and a sightseeing map around the station. Maybe fans of Koboro Station manage all of these…?


小幌駅の駅看板で記念撮影▲I took a memorial photo with the enlarged ticket


Check the timetable

There are only six up and down trains in total per day which stop at Koboro Station. (As of November 2016) This place cannot be reached except train, so be sure to check the timetable and do not miss the train. 

We stayed about 30 minutes, but we saw up and down trains of Express Super Hokuto. 

Because there are tunnels, a warning horn rings and the train reaching warning sign saying “train coming” with red color. 

The combination of dark green, an old railroad, and a modern express train was kind of interesting, and the cameraman took pictures. When you take pictures, please watch your safety and have good manners.

小幌駅のスーパー北斗下り▲Down train of Super Hokuto.

小幌駅を走るスーパー北斗上り▲This is the up train. It seems like it is stopping, but in actual, it was running at quite a speed.

Our train to go back came into the platform. 

30 minutes at a nostalgic station felt somewhat mysterious like I was away from the real world. 

This place is a recommended railroad trip site! 


* The operation of Koboro Station from April 2017 is undecided. 
  • “Koboro Station” JR Muroran Honsen, the most hidden station in Japan

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Fumiko Magota