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Release | Fumiko Magota

Onibi no Michi (Demon’s Fire Trail) - a night attraction in Noboribetsu “Hell Valley”

“Hell Vallery (Jigokudani)” is the hot spring source of one of the most famous onsen resorts in Hokkaido, Noboribetsu, and a popular sightseeing spot where people can casually interact with nature. However, did you know that the scenery totally changes from day to night? At night, the Hell Valley has a magical atmosphere. I will introduce “Onibi no Michi”, Demon’s Fire Trail.


“Hell Valley” is where we can feel the power of the earth, but…

About 1.5 hours drive from Sapporo using Hokkaido Expressway or about 50 minutes from Shin-Chitose Airport. 

“Hell Valley (Jigokudani), is the hot spring source of different kinds such as sulfur spring, iron spring, alum spring, vitriol spring, salt spring, sodium spring, etc, total amount as much as 10,000 tons every day. It is the ruin of explosion crater which is about 450 meters in diameter and 11 hectares large. 


The smell of sulfur comes from somewhere. If you walk through the 568 meters wooden path (Jigokudani Promenade), you can see “the site where Onsen is born” very closely; such as hot spring river flowing on the gray ground, white smokes everywhere, and boiling geyser. 



During the day, Hell Valley is the place to feel the dynamic power of nature. In this article, I would like to introduce Hell Valley at night. Yes, the atmosphere changes totally! 


At night, “Onibi” lightens up the wild mountain surface

I visited Hell Valley around sunset and saw foot light… well, “Onibi” is lightened up from hotel “Daiichitaki Honkan”. 


As I followed the light I reached the Hell Valley. 



Mysterious mountain surface and white smokes in the dark… I felt a bit scary because it was like the scenery of the other world but my curiosity to see this mysterious view a little more won. 

The sky got darker every minute, and moon started to rise. 




However, the activity of the earth never rests. White smokes from underground keeps rising, hot spring river keeps flowing, and at the iron spring pond at the end of the promenade, the geyser keeps boiling with few minutes cycle just like it does during the day.



Hell Valley at night is recommended for couples, too

“Actually, you can see beautiful stars in Noboribetsu!”, Masato Hie from Noboribetsu Tourist Association told us. He recommended; “why don’t you go on an unusual date at the romantic Hell Valley at night?”

“Onibi no Michi” is lightened up from sunset to 9:30 PM every day. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to and come back from iron spring pond. 

Visit “Onibi no Michi” before or after dinner at your hotel or ryokan! 


  • Onibi no Michi (Demon’s Fire Trail) - a night attraction in Noboribetsu “Hell Valley”

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Fumiko Magota