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Release | Fumiko Magota

Gather information about nature activities at “Sounkyo Visitor Center”

1.5 hours drive from Asahikawa. Sounkyo in Kamikawa-Cho is a popular destination for nature activities as the area is very close to natures of Japan’s largest Daisetsuzan National Park which is 23 hectares. “Sounkyo Visitor Center” is the recommended place to stop by before enjoying the unique beauty of the gorge and climbing.

層雲峡ビジターセンターの外観▲Sounkyo Visitor Center is at the foot of Mt. Kurodake


High-definition video to study the history of Sounkyo

The building with triangular roof near the Kurodake Ropeway station is Sounkyo Visitor Center. The place provides various information connecting nature and human by the exhibits and conversation with staffs.


I would like to strongly recommend to watch high-definition videos about the birth of columnar joints which contracts gorges in Sounkyo and about four seasons in Daisetsuzan. 

層雲峡ビジターセンターのハイビジョン映像▲The history of Sounkyo goes back to the topic of the volcanic eruption in 30,000 years ago. The image in the TV is how columnar joints look like when they are viewed from the sky. Very easy to understand!


Real-time information about mountains

For those of you who like climbing, I recommend seeing georama of Daisetsuzan mountain range. You can get a bird eye's view of positional relations of many mountains called as “roof of Hokkaido”, trails, and campsites. You can get ideas of which mountain to climb or how to walk trails between mountains.  

Adding to information about trekking course and trails, real-time information such as weather, mountain conditions, and alpine plants which can be observed are displayed in mountain climbing guide space right next to the entrance. This is a reliable content for people who are about to leave to mountains.

層雲峡ビジターセンターのジオラマ▲A closer view of georama

They also give advice about clothing

“The weather of Sounkyo is unique, and it is already autumn in August. I advise the best clothing for climbing depending on the season, so please stop by.” The staff Tooru Katayama told us. 

スタッフの片山さん▲Mr. Katayama

It is much more fun when you know about the place before you go trekking or climbing! Nature observation lessons are held irregularly, too. (reservation required) Why don’t you stop by here? 

  • Gather information about nature activities at “Sounkyo Visitor Center”

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Fumiko Magota