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Release | Fumiko Magota

The beautiful cycling tour around scenic Onuma in Southern Hokkaido!

Onuma Quasi National Park is 40 minutes north by car from JR Hakodate Station, 25 minutes by JR express trains, and 15 minutes drive from JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station. The scenic resort Onuma Quasi National Park has many large and small lakes such as Lake Onuma, Lake Konuma, and Lake Junsai. There are promenades to walk around small islands, and it is a sight to enjoy the beauty of nature thoroughly. This time, I will introduce the beautiful cycling tour to go around the scenic Lake Onuma.


The best location! Mount. Komagatake and Lake Onuma comes right into my eyes!

After I rented a bicycle at JR Onuma-Koen Station, I headed to the road which goes around the lake. You can either go on clockwise or counter clockwise, but I selected the course with fewer upslopes, which is the latter one. After riding few minutes, the buildings got less and less, and I entered the area with lots of greens.

七飯町の大沼の湖畔をサイクリング▲This time, I rented the bicycle at “Friendly Bear”.

You can get a map with major sights marked on, at bicycle rental shop or Onuma International Exchange Plaza (Onuma Tourist Information Center). Stop the bicycle and check out those sights. I was impressed with all the sights, such as brightly shining water surface of a lake in between trees and an imposing spectacle of 1,131 meters high Mt. Komagatake.

大沼湖畔のサイクリングで見た駒ヶ岳と大沼▲In front is the famous mountain of Southern Hokkaido, Mount. Komagatake

I was with a train addicted photographer, so we stopped at JR Ikedaen Station. The station was very quiet and peaceful. It had a nostalgic atmosphere and touched the heart of a traveler.

七飯町の池田園駅の外観▲It seemed like only a few trains stop by each day. 

There is bicycle parking area almost at each sight around the lake, so it was fun to park a while and walk around.

大沼一周道路に設置された駐輪所▲The bicycle parking area along the road which goes around the lake. 

大沼湖畔の木立の中を歩く▲I reached the shore as I walked on the wooden road.

大沼と駒ヶ岳▲What a great view! I felt like I wanted to breathe deeply and stretch my arms and legs.


Komagatake Shrine has luck for overcoming an obstacle

As I went through few steep slopes up and down, I reached the opposite side of the lake. I stopped by Higashi Onuma Camp Area. 

大沼の湖畔のキャンプ場▲This is a beautiful place, too! 

As I continued to move, I found the entrance of Komagatake Shrine. Next to the shrine, there is a huge rock which fell from the eruption of Mount Komagatake. It is said that the rock has a benefit to overcome an obstacle by walking through the crack of the rock. Of course, the photographer and I walked through the crack wishing about overcoming our obstacles. 

駒ヶ岳神社▲Komagatake Shrine. Do not forget to visit the shrine if you come here.

駒ヶ岳神社の大きな岩の割れ目▲This is the path to overcoming an obstacle!

There is a railroad near the part of the cycling road connected to Lake Konuma, and you can see Express Super Hokuto which connects Sapporo and Hakodate very close from here. 

大沼にかかる鉄橋▲The red bridge is known very well around train maniacs.

Also, the view from Tsukimi Bridge connecting Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma was fantastic. 

大沼の月見橋▲Tsukimi Bridge. The picture shows Lake Onuma. Lake Konuma is at the back. 


There is a guided tour of cycling as well!

My bicycle tour finished and enjoyed beautiful views so much. It took me about 120 minutes to go around the 14 kilometers long road which go around the lake. I heard it is about 70 minutes if you just pass but it takes a while if you stop by few sights. 

I saw cafes and restaurants along the road, and there were more beautiful views than I introduced in this article. I wish I could spend more time here. I would like to spend about half a day next time. 

For those of you who want a guide, contact Onuma International Exchange Plaza (Onuma Tourist Information Center). There is a cycling tour with the famous guide, Toicchan, who came to Onuma from Nagasaki Prefecture by bicycle and living in Hokkaido now for thirty some years. 

The price is 4,000 yen per person, and duration is 150 minutes. (Including insurance fee, as of August 2016) He has lake course and rice field course. He can also arrange the course upon requests.

大沼サイクリングのガイドさん▲“Onuma Park is a breathtaking place. You can enjoy the scenic lake and Mount Komagatake at many sights so let’s go around with a bicycle together! I can take you to hidden places that are only known by locals!” Toicchan said energetically.

Going around the scenic sights and working out at the same time felt really nice. Give it a try!

  • The beautiful cycling tour around scenic Onuma in Southern Hokkaido!

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Fumiko Magota