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Release | Fumiko Magota

Yakumocho Ikusei Farm, enjoy the beautiful rural views of cows, greens, and the ocean!

Yakumo Town is 1 hour and 30 minutes driving from Hakodate to the north. This town faces the Pacific Ocean which is called Volcanic bay or Uchirura Bay, has a place to enjoy a Hokkaido-like view. That is Yakumocho Ikusei Farm.

八雲町の育成展望台からの海の景色(Photo provided by Yakumo Town)

The farm is owned by the town from 1967, and about 10 minutes by car from the central town. 

八雲育成牧場の看板▲The entrance gate. There is a parking inside.

The area is 262 hectare and enormous! Pasture land continues on and on and about 350 cows and beef cattle that are kept from some ten farmers both from and outside of the town, spend time freely. Some of them eat grasses, some of them just lay down.

八雲町育成牧場で牧草地にいる肉牛▲It’s very peaceful. 


There is a promenade around the fence, so let’s walk around. The beautiful landscape with cows, greens, and the ocean continues, which is very relaxing! You can enjoy the beautiful view no matter where you are in the farm, but do not forget to climb the octagon-shaped observation tower that looks like a silo! There is a spiral staircase to the top.

八雲町育成牧場の展望台▲The observation tower.

八雲町育成牧場の展望台の螺旋階段▲The spiral staircase.

八雲町育成牧場の展望台からの景色▲The view from the observation tower.

The day we covered was cloudy and could not see the ocean.

However, when it’s sunny, you will get to view something like this!

八雲町の育成牧場の展望台▲(Photo provided by Yakumo Town)

Around the time of sunset to twilight, the view changes to magical with lights of town, and fishing fire of squid fishing boats and others. It seems like there are different view depending on the weather and time. 

Find your favorite view spot with your camera here! 
  • Yakumocho Ikusei Farm, enjoy the beautiful rural views of cows, greens, and the ocean!

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Fumiko Magota