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Blue Pond and Blue River, blue spots in Biei town!

Blue Pond and Blue River is three hours expressway drive from Sapporo and 50 minutes drive from Asahikawa Airport. The area is called Shirogane, which is an onsen district of Biei Town.
It is about seven to eight minutes walk from the parking. 
When the trees around break off… there it is! 
Ta-da! This is Blue Pond!
▲It is really blue! And beautiful! The photo is taken from the innermost of the promenade.
Dead trees stand in the center of the pond, creating somewhat mysterious atmosphere. The color changes each day, but if the weather is sunny, it is likely to be seen as a bright cobalt blue color. 
On the other hand, Blue River is the river under Shirohige Waterfall. The place is five minutes drive from Blue Pond. You get to see the river from Blue River Bridge by the onsen hotel. 
▲The river is under this bridge. 
▲Wow! This is really blue, too! The waterfall is beautiful as well. 
The color of the pond and river has not been fully explained yet, but it is said that ground water of Mt. Tokachidake flows to Biei River (Blue River), producing colloid. 
Why don’t you visit mysterious blue pond and blue river? 
Sunny days from July to August are very crowded so make sure you have plenty of time. There are fewer visitors in early morning until 10 AM. 

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