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Release | Chiaki Uzurahashi

Butadon (pork rice bowl) is a must-try in Obihiro!

帯広 名物 豚丼 ゆうたく はなとかち
Butadon (pork rice bowl) is said to be born in Tokachi, Obihiro. It is a simple rice bowl with sweet soy sauce flavoring grilled pork, but there are unique characteristics to pork, how to grill, and sauce. In this article, I will introduce two of the many Butadon specialized restaurants, “Tokachi Butaniku Koubou Yutaku” and “Butadon no Hanatokachi”.

Tokachi Butaniku Koubou Yutaku

Yutaku is a Butadon and Tonkatsu restaurant operated by the meat shop specialize in local pork produced in Tokachi. 
帯広 名物 豚丼 ゆうたく
▲Many pork ornaments displayed in the restaurant! 
Pork cut in their factory is matured at low temperature for about two hours and denote plain umami and sweetness obtained naturally. 
Loin is the basic of Yutaku’s Butadon. Dip the meat into homemade sauce and grill on a wire net in low temperature. Put additional sauce and grill slowly. 
帯広 豚丼 ゆうたく
Butadon is now ready! 
帯広 豚丼 ゆうたく
▲There are some black peppers put on Yutaku’s Butadon.
As I ate, I was surprised at the softness of their thick meat. The pork was so soft that I could cut into pieces using my chopsticks. And I could feel the strong umami. Fat of pork was so sweet and delicious! 
The sauce is not so sweet, and it tastes lighter than it seems. “When the meat is matured, the sweetness of fat stands out. We do not put much flavor in the sauce to taste pork's natural sweetness.” The manager Mr. Minamide told us. The brand of rice is “Yumepirika” produced in Hokkaido. To provide freshly cooked rice, they cook rice in small pots many times a day. 
帯広 豚丼 ゆうたく
▲“Butadon (comes with miso soup and pickles) 800 yen. They have “Small Butadon” and “Large Butadon” as well. 
Enjoy their Butadon which specializes in the taste of pork itself! 
帯広 豚丼 ゆうたく
▲The manager Mr. Minamide
帯広 豚丼 ゆうたく

Butadon no Hanatokachi

About seven minutes walk from Obihiro Station to Odori. You can enjoy loin and rib Hokkaido pork in Hanatokachi. 
帯広 豚丼 はなとかち
The loin here is the brand pork “Kamikomi Pork”. Kamikomi Pork has a lot of fat with lean, also very rare as there are only two to three Kamekomi Pork in 100. The pork is said to be very tasty and soft.  
帯広 豚丼 かみこみ豚 はなとかち
The pork was grilled on a wire net, put the sauce repeatedly, and flipped again and again. “The taste get deeper when the sauce is repeatedly put.” The president Mr. Maeda said. Their sauce is homemade and uses a lot of honey. It’s complete when the layers of sauce are built. 
帯広 豚丼 かみこみ豚 はなとかち
▲Mr. Maeda has 15 years experience in Butadon.
The popular “Hanbara Butadon” let you taste both loin and rib pork! In the center, they put horseradish produced in Hokkaido, and black edamame from Nakasatunai village in Tokachi are scattered on the top.
帯広 豚丼 かみこみ豚 はなとかち
▲“Hanbara Butadon” was made at the request of customers who wanted to eat both loin and rib.
Rib with sauce was very soft, and I enjoyed the light taste with less fat. But loin had sweetness, and both tasted delicious. Also, spicy horseradish was the best match with pork! 
帯広 豚丼 かみこみ豚 はなとかち
▲“Hanbara Butadon (middle)” (comes with miso soup and pickles) 1,200 yen. Their rice brand is “Fukkurinko” produced by a contracted farmer in Bibai Sorachi. 
Enjoy the delicious Butadon from Hanatokachi. “Hanbara Butadon” is highly recommended!
帯広 豚丼 はなとかち
  • Butadon (pork rice bowl) is a must-try in Obihiro!