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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Natural yeast bakery Tsuki No Usagi” stands alone in the middle of rice fields

30 minutes drive from Asahikawa. “Natural yeast bakery Tsuki No Usagi “ stands alone in the middle of rice fields in Takasu Town. Tsuki No Usagi operates only four days a week. There are various kinds of tasty bread baked with a lot of love from the owner.


Wishing “bread be delicious”

The bread of this bakery uses Hoshino natural yeast, flours produced in Hokkaido, and Sensou sugar which has a mild sweetness. They sell various kinds, such as simple hard bread for a meal, cooked bun with cooked ingredients on or in it, and sweet buns. They do not use egg for bread dough. 


To the owner Akiko Uba, yeast is “like my children”. She says that she loves the yeast so much. The center of the life of Akiko on operating days is bread. She sleeps from 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM because of the schedule to rest yeast, and dedicates almost all time to bake bread when she is awake. “I always wish the bread to be delicious and make bread.” She faces the bread with a lot of love.

鷹栖町の月のうさぎの姥さん▲Akiko Uba.


She cooks the fillings inside such as curry and cream on her own

The popular “Inaka Pan” (means rural bun) is a basic bread that can feel the taste of her bread. The bun is bakes the same dough as pan demie but without a loaf pan. Therefore, it’s a little chewy, and you can feel the taste of the ingredient as you chew. 


She cooks some of the fillings inside cooked buns and sweet buns on her own. The curry inside “Yaki Curry Pan” (baked curry bun), cream cheese inside “Ichijiku No Stick Pan” (stick shaped fig bread), custard cream inside “Cream Pan” (cream bun), black sesame pastes and sweet potato pastes.

鷹栖町の月のうさぎのパン数種▲From the top to the right: “Yaki Curry Pan” (baked curry bun) with keema curry cooked with water from vegetables; “Cream Pan” (cream bun) with custard cream contain fresh cream which makes the cream rich and tasty; and “Ichijiku No Stick Pan” (stick shaped fig bread) with non-sweet smooth cream cheese which best match with dried fig pieces. 

All of them are taken great care of Akiko Uba. 


She manages the shop alone for ten years


By the way, the place where the shop / her house stands is secluded from national road and Hokkaido road. It is about ten kilometers away from the city area of Takasu Town, and there are only rice fields around. 

At first, Akiko Uba was not planning to open a bakery when she purchased the house. “I have been living in Tokyo for a long time and my husband, who always dreamed of living in the countryside, bought this house as a place to live after his retirement. So that he could listen to music he loves with a large volume, without worrying about noises.”
After a while, they visited the house several times a year like a second house, but the turning point came about ten years ago. 

“There was a person who gave me a machine for baking bread. My children were already big and people around me, of course, my husband, supported to push me forward.”

Akiko Uba always wanted to open her bakery because she had once worked in a bakery. Taking the chance, she moved to Hokkaido before her husband’s retirement and opened the shop. From then for ten years, she continued the bakery alone. 

Hokkaido was totally a new land for her without any acquaintances. At first, she had nowhere to sell the bread, so she went to farms in the neighborhood, walking in a blizzard, to sell bread. 

Now, people know the good taste of her bread, and she has repeated customers. She does door-to-door selling to some places from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Wednesday to Friday, such as the town office and visits others for delivery. 

“I am hoping to maintain the same taste always”, says Mrs. Uba. 

Many of the bread become sold out near the closing time. Visit Tsuki No Usagi as early as possible!

  • “Natural yeast bakery Tsuki No Usagi” stands alone in the middle of rice fields

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Fumiko Magota