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Mt. Usu Night Festival, enjoy exploring the mountain at night!


Explore forests in Mt. Usu at night with a local nature guide. Volcanic eruption show using lights and sound at the dark summit of Mt. Usu. If the weather is good, observe a sky full of stars. Mt. Usu during the day is nice, but the night is great, too!


Get to the summit of Mr. Usu with Usuzan Gondola, which has an entirely different face from day

Those of you who are going to the Lake Toya area would get on the Usuzan Gondola and enjoy the beautiful view from the mountain; “volcano is very powerful”, “Lake Toya is beautiful”, “oh that is Showa-shinzan”. 
However, there was an unusual event at night for three days. That is “5th Mt. Usu summit Night Festival 2016” which was held on 29th - 31st July 2016 at the summit of Mt. Usu. Usually, the last ropeway is 6:45 PM, but it is extended to 9:30 PM during the three days limitedly.  

有珠山山頂から見た夕日▲If you stay at the summit from the evening, you can see the sunset. 

有珠山山頂から見た夕日▲Watching the sunset from The Usu Crater Basin Observation Deck.

有珠山山頂から見た伊達市内の夜景▲The night view of Date City from the summit. Seeing the night view of Date City is a rare chance. 

Starry sky is so beautiful at the summit of Mt. Usu, where there are no neon signs nor any lights. From 7:30 PM every night, “Star Watching” event was held by the guide from Sobetsu Astronomy Circle. If the weather is nice, Milky Way can be observed clearly, and if you are lucky, you can see shooting stars. 

有珠山山頂から見た満天の星空▲A sky full of stars from the summit of Mt. Usu

有珠山山頂の星空ウォッチングの様子▲The participants of Star Watching

They will play a hand-made planetarium if the weather is not okay.


Replay the volcanic eruption with lights and sound!

From 8:45 PM, they played lights and sound laser show to replay the volcanic eruption of Mt. Usu. The show is just an image, but I am sure you can feel the power of volcano from the fantastic lights and sound.

有珠山山頂のレーザーショー▲The fantastic laser show.

有珠山山頂のレーザーショー▲The summit is so dark that lights seem so clear.


Explore the dark forest of Mt. Usu with flashlights!

There are more fun things in the Mt. Usu at night! That is “Exploration of the dark forest”. With the local nature guide, go into the dark mountain with flashlights. The event sure makes you feel the lives of animals living in the dark forest. 

有珠山の夜の森を探検する▲Exploration of the dark forest
Other than these events, “bugs’ dome” to search creature living in Mt. Usu such as bugs in the dome, or food strolls using the local ingredients.
Would you like to explore Mt. Usu at night? 


5th Mt. Usu Summit Night Festival 2016

Date: 29, 30, 31 July
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Place: The summit of Mt. Usu
Ropeway Ticket: Adult 1,000 yen (usually 1,500 yen), children (elementary school) Free (usually 750 yen)
* Please check the official website for detailed information


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  • Mt. Usu Night Festival, enjoy exploring the mountain at night!

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