Aifukufuku, additive-free mochi made with specially cultivated rice

“Kyowa no Sato no Mochi Koubou Aifukufuku” in Aibetsu town works on making mochi from cultivating mochi rice and azuki red beans to processing rice to mochi. Enjoy smooth, chewy and delicious additive-free mochi!


Use Kine (Japanese pestle) to pound mochi rice to produce smooth and chewy texture

45 minutes drive from Asahikawa. Their shop and factory are located in the middle of mountains, surrounded by farms, about five kilometers away from the city part of Aibetsu Town. 

The shelf of the shop was filled with their mochi products. There are four kinds of flavors; the standard “Shiro” (white), “Mame” (beans), “Hatsuga Genmai” (sprouted brown rice), and “Yomogi” (mugwort). There are several shapes such as square cut mochi, round mochi, and shabu-shabu mochi.

The kind of specially cultivated rice, which is the ingredient of this mochi, is called “Hakuchoumochi”. They take a long time to pound mochi rice to make use soft and sticky characteristic of this mochi rice. 


Not only mochi rice but azuki beans and pumpkins are cultivated by them in Aibetsu Town

Most of the ingredients are cultivated within the company. Such as mochi rice, black soy beans used in “Mame” flavor, azuki red beans and pumpkins which are fillings of “Anmochi”, and blue soybeans. The staffs were making pumpkin fillings when I went there to cover. 

Also, the manager Eiichi Nakayama told us. “I never use food preservative to our products, to make them  original tastes of ingredients distinct.”

Because of that, mochi gets hard after few days, but “heat mochi with toaster or frying pan without putting oils until it gets some burn mark. The mochi becomes very delicious again.”

Mochi with ingredients original taste. How about having their mochi for snack time or meals?