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Zerubunooka Atomunooka, beautiful flower fields in Biei

The national road 237 connects Asahikawa and Furano is a beautiful drive route. “Zerubunooka Atomunooka” in Biei Town is on the way, which is another beautiful flower field spot as beautiful as “Shiki-sai-no-oka”.
The article in Hokkaido Likers about Shiki-sai-no-oka
Some 20 kinds of flowers bloom gradually in the seven hectare field until early October. Not only by foot but also buggies and carts are available.  
The facility name “Zerubu” stands for the last three characters of words “Kaze (wind)”, “Kaoru (smell)”, and “Asobu (play)”. The place feels really nice with the wind, the name exactly represents the place. 
The famous “Ken & Marry Tree” can be seen from the observation deck called “Atomunooka”. 
▲The poplar tree at the back is Ken & Marry Tree. The tree was used in Nissan Skyline’s TV commercial before. 
Little bag of lavender potpourri was sold at the gift shop. It smelled so nice so I bought for a souvenir. 
▲Very relaxing smell of lavender. I put the bag in my closet and pillow case. 
From the end of July to mid September is the most blooming season and it will be more beautiful than the pictures in this article.
Why don’t you go for a flower field exploration?
  • Zerubunooka Atomunooka, beautiful flower fields in Biei

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Fumiko Magota