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Release | Yuki Konishi

Delicious food will gather at Hakodate Gourmet Garden, a long run event from July to August!

Delicious food from Hakodate will gather in front of JR Hakodate Station for 62 days, from 1st July to 31 August 2016. This article introduces information about “Hakodate Gourmet Garden”, where you can meet delicacies of Hakodate!

はこだてグルメガーデン▲Various delicacies! 


62 days to find delicacies of Hakodate and Hokkaido!

“Hakodate Gourmet Garden” is a celebration event for the opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen. At this event, delicacies of Hakodate and Hokkaido will gather at one place! There will be three events at the site in front of JR Hakodate Station.
The first one is “Hakoda Teria” which will be held every day. "Hakoda Teria" is an outdoor dining to enjoy the taste of famous restaurants and chefs in Hakodate, Hokkaido, and Aomori.
The second is “Hokkaido Umaimon Summit” which will be held on weekends in July. This event features five areas in Hokkaido weekly, providing gourmets and products from each area.
The third and the last is various stage events. From 5:00 PM at 2nd of July, the leader of “TEAM NACS” Hiroyuki Morisaki held a talk show. 

はこだてグルメガーデンの特設会場▲The image of Hakodate Gourmet Garden special site. “Hokkaido Umaimon Summit” is going to feature; 2-3 July East Hokkaido, 9-10 North Hokkaido, 16-17 Central Hokkaido, 23-24 again Central Hokkaido, and 30-31 South Hokkaido.


45 shops will be involving to “Hakoda Teria”
Don’t miss the first time participating shops such as long-standing Asari!

What must focus at “Hakodate Gourmet Garden” is the outdoor dining “Hakoda Teria”. I interviewed the principal chef of the restaurants which has broad connections of producers and chefs in Hokkaido “brasserie coron with LE CREUSET”, Hiroyuki Tsukada, who also is the director of this event with lots of chefs and restaurants, about “Hakoda Teria”. 

はこだ★テリアの監修をした塚田シェフ▲Hiroyuki Tsukada. He pursues unique dining of Hokkaido and cherishes the ingredients and interaction with producers. He transmits Hokkaido food to not only within Japan but also to abroad. He was involved as a food coordinator for the film “A Drop of the Grapevine”.

— How will the restaurant “Hakoda Teria” will be? 
“People will enjoy the food in seven booth, which expresses characteristics of each. The feature of this event is that the chefs from 45 restaurants, Hakodate city and around Hakodate city of course, also from Sapporo city and Aomori Prefecture will be involved. I planned this food event for us, the chefs and food lovers, to feel they want to go to Hakodate for this food.
— Specifically, what kind of booth will be?
“The main booth is ‘Hakodate Shichirin Hyakkosai’. Guests can grill and enjoy delicious meat and seafood ingredients from Hakodate and around Hakodate. Those are not just for grilling. The chefs from popular restaurants developed the special sauce that will match each ingredient. The concept is brand-new BBQ for adults.
Also, sukiyaki from the old-established restaurant in Hakodate ‘Asari Honten’ will be provided with limited numbers. This is the first time Asari provide their sukiyaki to food events like this. The long-loved taste eaten outside is another must-have experience.”

七厘百個祭のイメージ▲Shichirin Hyakkosai held in Sapporo last year. At “Hakodate Shichirin Hyakkosai”, I can see we will be able to enjoy ingredients from Hakodate and Hokkaido more!

— The event seems to be very rich, as we can enjoy BBQ directed by chefs and long-established sukiyaki. What other booths will be there? 
“I am looking forward to ‘Aomori and Hakodate chefs’ Pinchos Festival’ is going to be held on weekends and national holidays, and ‘Aomori Area Gourmet’ which provides local food of Aomori Prefecture weekly. I am excited to see the collaboration of Hakodate and Aomori connected by Hokkaido Shinkansen. 
Also, the soft serve made from Hokkaido milk ‘RE di ROMA plus+’ is perfect for hot summer, ‘Hokkaido Ramen’ where different best ramens in Hokkaido will be available weekly, ‘Cafe&Deli MARUSEN’ which provides curry with Hokkaido ingredients and galette, and ‘Teria Bar’ where prepares drinks such as SAPPORO CLASSIC BEER. 
And at ‘brasserie coron’, seasonal soup and ahijo will be provided.
I’m looking forward to you visiting the event!”

はこだ★テリアのイメージ▲Various delicious dishes are waiting for you! (The photos are images)

Detailed and latest information is available on the Facebook page. 
- Hakoda Teria​

Hokkaido Likers staff will continue covering this event and details will be updates. Check it out!


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  • Delicious food will gather at Hakodate Gourmet Garden, a long run event from July to August!

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