Okuma Poultry Farm’s Kappa No Kenran is best for rice with raw egg!

About 40 minutes drive from Asahikawa City. “Kappa No Kenran” from “Okuma Poultry Farm”, which has the history of 60 years in Pippu-cho, is a brand of eggs from healthy chickens raised with home-made feeds. The egg has a strong taste so it’s recommended to eaten raw on rice!


Kappa No Kenran tastes brilliant when it’s raw

Okuma Poultry Farm raises about 10,000 chickens.

“Our chickens lay one egg each day”, said Keiji Okuma, the manager of this farm. He inherited the farm with his brother Katsuyuki after his father’s death. Mr. Okuma says, “lots of customers continue to buy our eggs from my father’s and grandfather’s generations. I don’t make a compromise to anything and want to be responsible”. 

They use home-made feeds which decide the quality and taste of eggs. Adding effective microorganisms to okara, soy powders, kelp extract, they try to produce natural deliciousness which eggs have originally. 

“Our customers give compliments about Kappa No Kenran's strong taste. I think deliciousness most stand out when eaten raw” says Keiji. 


The TKG set with all Pippu produced food

In 2016, they started selling a new product; “Hokkaido Pippu-cho’s Precious TKG (Tamago Kake Gohan, which means rice with raw egg) set”, which contains Kappa No Kenran and the most famous rice brand from Hokkaido Yumepirika, and a bottle of soy sauce to put on the egg and rice. 

The soy sauce mixes boiled Senbon Green Onion, the famous product of the town, which gets harvested from January to March, and has gentle sweetness. Also, Yumepirika is grown in Pippu-cho. This set with all Pippu-cho’s taste is often chosen for souvenirs and gifts. 

The egg can be purchased at unmanned direct sales depot and also online from 20 eggs. In addition, the egg is sold at “Marui Imai Kita Kitchen” (Sapporo City) and “Hokuren Shoku To Nou No Fureai Farm Kururu No Yashiro” (Kita Hiroshima City).

Try this delicious egg at least once! ​