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Megumanuma, the beautiful wetlands walkable from Wakkanai Airport


This is the place I want everyone to stop by when visiting Wakkanai by airplane. At Megumanuma, located on the east side of Wakkanai Airport, you can enjoy the natural beauty and nice breeze easily!

Megumanuma, located right next to Wakkanai Airport

It’s only about two to three minutes by car and fifteen minutes by foot from the airport to the parking of one of the promenades Wakkanai Country Club House. 
This is a right distance when you think about the time when there is some extra time before boarding airplane. Such as the time before you give back your rental car to the airport. 

メグマ沼と着陸した飛行機▲Planes can be seen over the lake of the promenades. 

Around Megumanuma is called Megumanuma wetlands, and filled with natural beauty because there are about 200 kinds of plants and about 70 kinds of wild birds can be observed. This place became recognized as an academically important site when Wakkanai airport switched to jet during 1970’s. 
There is a promenade about 3.5 kilometers long around Megumanuma’s levee and easy to take a walk around.

メグマ沼散策路の入り口▲Going down the slope from the entrance of the promenade. Keep walking to the lake. 

メグマ沼散策路の案内板▲There are direction boards so you will not get lost.

After going through low trees, the wetland area starts. After this point, this wooden road continues until the end. This wooden road, made to protect the wetland and make people able to observe the nature, provides us an easy walk even in the wetland where usually is wet and muddy. However, there is some gaps and level difference so watch your feet when walking. 

木々の間を抜けるメグマ沼散策路▲I went there on a day after rained in mid-July. I paid attention not to slip.

I felt natural beauty and nice breeze at Megumanuma

You can observe the superb view of the wetland in Megumanuma, which in Honshu (the mainland Japan), is not possible unless you visit highlands or mountains. Especially from June to August, there will be lots of flowers blooming such as Ezokanzou (Hemerocallis esculenta) and Nohanashoubu (Iris ensata) and wild birds come flying so this place is highly recommended for people who like animals, plants, and taking pictures. 

メグマ沼に咲くノハナショウブ▲Found Nohanashoubu flower in a green field

湖畔沿いを進むメグマ沼の散策路▲I observed Megumanuma as I take a walk in the wetland. Of course, people are only allowed to walk on the wooden road. 

There is a small space where you can have a rest. I sat down on the bench and listened to the sound of nature. 

メグマ沼散策路にある休憩スポット▲The wooden bench. It’s an easily built bench but clean.

Not so many planes leave and arrive at Wakkanai airport so I could only hear the sound of shaking grass by nice wind and the voice of wild birds. I could not believe this was a place right next to the airport. 

メグマ沼越しに見える牧草地と宗谷丘陵▲On the other side of the lake, I could see a pasture and windmills on Soya Hill. 

Megumanuma’s promenade takes only ten to twenty minutes to walk around from the entrance. The superb natural beauty near the airport. Megumanuma is the place I want to stop by when I visit the northernmost land of Japan. 
  • Megumanuma, the beautiful wetlands walkable from Wakkanai Airport