Hokkaido Curry Udon Kame is perfect for after drink in Susukino, Sapporo!

Curry udon not for lunch but for a night, after a couple of drinks. Udon which does not make curry thin by tsuyu, but made with soup curry. Noodle made from flours produced in Hokkaido. The key to the soup is onion “Sapporoki”. This udon is particular about Hokkaido!


Curry udon that started with “frontier spirit”

The standard food which is eaten in Susukino for after drink is Sapporo ramen. Recently, there are people who have soup curry but Hokkaido Curry Udon “Kame“ was born from the idea; “ramen or curry is too heavy, but people want to eat something like a soup after drink… then curry udon!”.



“There is no curry udon specialized restaurant in Susukino, so it’s not exactly a frontier spirit but I wanted to develop something new here” Hiroji Kameda, the manager of the restaurant said. The name “Kame” was taken from his name Kameda.

In fact, this restaurant is a partner restaurant of Spanish restaurant “spoon” where you can drink THE PERFECT SAPPORO CLASSIC Beer. The soup of curry udon was developed by the manager of spoon Kazuma Aikawa and udon noodle was developed by the manager of Kame, Kameda. These two people collaborated to make the perfect curry udon together.


Bouillon mixed chicken bones and legs plus rare onion “Sapporoki”

“Kame” opened on 27th April 2016. They started experiments to make Hokkaido like curry udon about six months before the opening. They went to not only Sapporo and within Hokkaido but also to Tokyo to find out what they should make. They ate too much that at some point they lost objectives why they were doing this. 
The standard soup made after going through this is made with bouillon mixed chicken bones and legs plus vegetables. Udon is usually eaten with Japanese dashi. However, they use a little bit of shirodashi and shirosyoyu in “Kame”, but most of the soup is constructed by soup curry.
Also, the ingredient that made the taste of “Kame”’s soup crucially was the onion “Sapporoki”. 


“Sapporoki” is the onion first made to eat in Higashi-ku Sapporo. Because of its small size and characteristic that are easy to be rotten, the amount produced is very limited and they do not usually be in the market. The sweetness and thickness of Sapporoki affect the soup very much. Sapporoki is also used as a topping. 


The original noodle is made with Kitahonami and Nagoriyuki, both are produced in Hokkaido

After all the experiments, wide thin noodle (Kishimen) was selected as the noodle. The noodle of “Kame” is made with “Kitahonami” and “Nagoriyuki” both are flours produced in Hokkaido. 


Fluffy white whip cream like snow as a topping

The soup and noodles with lots of work. I need to try! So I asked him to make Hokkaido Curry Udon for us.




At the end… what is it? Something like whip cream is put on udon!

This whip cream looking white thing is vichyssoise, which is a potage made with potatoes. With this equipment Espuma to make a liquid to foam, vichyssoise is put as the topping. The ingredient of vichyssoise is of cause from Hokkaido, Kita Akari, May Queen, and fresh cream. 


The basic menu is one kind, add toppings you like

“Kame” has only “Hokkaido Curry Udon” on their menu. Customers can add extra toppings as they like and customize the udon.



By the way, when we eat this curry udon with white fluffy vichyssoise, are we supposed to mix it all before we eat? By the manager Kameda, first, dig the udon noodles and enjoy udon and soup curry, then mix everything and enjoy the different taste. “However, most customers mix everything at first” (The manager Kameda said) 


Hokkaido Likers staff had “normal”. The spiciness from spices and aroma is stronger than I imagined. It is a bit spicy… However, as I think about this dish to have after drink, the wide thin noodle is very easy to eat and this spiciness surely will addict me. 
When I mixed everything, vichyssoise made the spiciness very mild and the soup got thicker. The thick curry broth sticks with wide thin noodles and I also could enjoy chewy texture of topping vegetables and dried Sapporoki. 
The thick soup will be left after you finish the noodles but adding “Okkake-meshi” (extra rice) makes the dish like a soup curry risotto. 
Of course for people living in Sapporo, but also if you are coming to Sapporo as a tourist, why don’t you visit Kame to enjoy Hokkaido’s curry udon?​


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