Fuji Reika’s ice cream from Hakodate is so tasty and made from natural ingredients

Near Matsukaze-Cho tram station which is one stop away from JR Hakodate station. The ice cream by “Homemade ice cream & sorbet special store Fuji Reika” does not use eggs or artificial flavor. The rich taste takes advantage of natural ingredients such as milk and fresh cream made in Hokkaido. There are many fans of Fuji Reika not only in Hakodate but also throughout Japan.


Produces fresh handmade ice cream since 1947

This store which is managed by the president Yoko Kaneko and her daughter Kuniko Nakamura and her husband Kagehiro, was established in 1947. Their ice cream is loved not only by purchasing at the store and mail orders but also as a dessert in hotels or restaurants in Hakodate. 

Their will is to “deliver freshly made taste” so they only produce about 300 cups a day and do not make stocks. The back of the store is their factory. They have about 40 kinds of flavors of ice cream and sorbet; basic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, matcha, and also seasonal limited flavors such as praline almond and mascarpone cheese. ​

The cup is not so decorative to reduce the cost. Kagehiro says “we want to use good ingredients instead”. 

They choose the fresh cream with the high ratio of milk fat, and “we stick to natural flavors” says Kuniko. There are lots of work done to produce the flavor of natural ingredients itself.​


Ice cream using sake lees and sorbet with fruit pulp

The no.1 popular flavor “Dassai sake lees ice cream” mixes sake lees from the famous Japanese sake “Dassai”, delivered directly from Asahi brewery in Yamaguchi prefecture. The flavor is very rich and creamy like Amazake. 

The second most popular flavor is Hojicha. The tea leaves are delivered from Ippodo in Kyoto and boiled in milk instead of water, just like royal milk tea to produce the unique taste of Hojicha. English tea and espresso coffee flavors are produced in the same way.​

Also, the most popular flavor of sorbet is mango, which uses plenty of fruit pulp. This sorbet is so juicy that I thought it might be more delicious than real mangoes! 

Yubari melon flavor, which is limited in summer, use real fruit. When they are producing Yubari melon ice cream, the factory will be filled with the sweet smell of Yubari melon.​

All of the ice cream has the strong taste of natural ingredients but the flavor is not too heavy. “We did want to leave bad sweetness so we try to use the limited amount of stabilizing agent”. ​

The ice cream is loved by not only citizens of Hakodate but also throughout Japan. Dassai sake lees ice cream got the best gold award in “Ice Cream Grand-Prix” at “FOODEX JAPAN 2016”.

For travelers, flavors which use Hokkaido ingredients are recommended; such as Kinako, pumpkin, Hasukappu, Azuki, and tomato.

There are few chairs so you can eat in the store as well. However, there are only room for 3 people so if you go there with a group of people, enjoy your ice cream at the levee and watch the ocean, which is few minutes walk from the store. 

Please find your favorite flavor.​