Ribbon Yubari Melon Jelly and Ribbon Yubari Melon Soda are available now!

Every year around this time, people wonder “is it going to be on sale?”. The extremely popular “Ribbon Yubari Melon Jelly” and “Ribbon Melon Soda” is available again! Especially, “Ribbon Yubari Melon Jelly” is going to be sold not only in Hokkaido but also throughout Japan this year!


“Ribbon Yubari Melon Jelly” is available throughout Japan this year

The Ribbon brand is known for the famous drink Ribbon Napolin. “Ribbon Yubari Melon Soda” is a seasonal flavor annually sold around this season from 2009. 


This drink perfectly matches with the season because of the rich and unique aroma of Yubari melon and delicate flavor are enjoyable with the freshness of gas.
“Ribbon Yubari Melon Jelly” was sold limitedly in Hokkaido from last year, but from this year, it is available throughout Japan! As a person in Hokkaido, I felt good because it was limited only in Hokkaido… but it’s okay, let’s enjoy delicious stuff together.


“Ribbon Yubari Melon Jelly” and “Ribbon Yubari Melon Soda” are using actual Yubari melon juice and flavoring agent reproduced from the juice, which is really rare, with the cooperation of Yubari City Agricultural Cooperative Association. The finished product has unique Yubari melon aroma and flavor. Soda and Jelly both have the trademark of Yubari melon in the front of the package, as the certification by Yubari City Agricultural Cooperative Association.
You can taste the Yubari Melon flavor from Hokkaido by drinking “Ribbon Yubari Melon Jelly” and “Ribbon Yubari Melon Soda”. It is on sale from 23 May and only limited amount are available so make sure to try soon! 


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