The long seller Yakitori Bento from Hasegawa store! Sells 900,000 boxes every year

The food of Hakodate which has not been introduced in Hokkaido Likers yet. Here we go, “Yakitori Bento” from the local convenience chain store “Hasegawa Store” in Hakodate.


Yakitori Bento was born from Hakodate’s food culture and love of Hasegawa Store

Three grilled skewed pork ribs covered with the sweet soy sauce based sauce. Hasegawa Store’s Yakitori Bento is, as you can see, not made with chicken.


Hokkaido is a pork culture district. For a long time, people used pork for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. Pork is still preferred for Yakitori today, especially in the port town area, sweet sauce flavors are more popular comparing to salt flavors.
At the predecessor liquor store “Hasegawa Sakujirou Shouten”, Yakitori (of course pork) or onigiri or bento boxes were cooked for a warm snack with alcoholic drinks. 


This is a story on a night. A customer came to Hasegawa Store to buy a bento box but it was sold out on that day. But they wanted to provide something and came up with the idea to make a bento box using rice, which was for onigiri and seaweed, and Yakitori. I see, this is why Yakitori Bento has seaweed on the rice!
It has been on sale from 1978 and has become a long seller product. Hakodate citizens call “Hasesuto’s Yakiben”. Today, Yakitori Bento became a big hit, being sold at all 14 branches and sells 900,000 boxes every year.​


They start to grill yakitori after the order. Have the freshly made bento!

The attraction of Yakitori Bento is that they don’t stock the readymades, and let people enjoy freshly made bento. When they get an order, they put the pork on the gas range and start to grill. Dip the pork into the thick sauce and put them on the rice with seaweed, and it’s done. It takes about 4 minutes. 
This is a usual scene if it is a bento box specialized store, but this is a convenience store. The policy to “make customers happy” continues from the predecessor Hasegawa Sakujirou Shouten can be felt. 


The sauce is based on soy sauce, thick but not too sweet. The seaweed soaked with the sauce can be enjoyed like Nori Bento.​

The largest store “Nakamichi Store” has the large booth for Yakitori Bento right in front of the entrance. At the back shelf, normal convenience store bento boxes are displayed at about the half of the area. Another half is dedicated for deli cooked in the store. The freshly baked bread, bento boxes, and other deli foods are available.



Yakitori Bento provides the same taste but there are two points that got better. They are the ditches and cut seaweed. The ditches are intended to take the pork from the skew easily and cuts of seaweed are intended to make easy to cut with chopsticks. These considerations thought from the side of customers are so wonderful.



The product has lots of stories and very popular so there are lots of inquiries to sell Yakitori Bento at exhibitions of the products of Hokkaido. However, they keep declining the offer. The reason from Naotoshi Kusakari, the executive director and the head of product development, was like this: “The taste was raised by people in Hakodate. I want the taste of Yakitori Bento to be something to taste in Hakodate when they come back here.”​

Yakitori Bento is highly recommended because it is really easy Hakodate style food to try when you visit Hakodate for travel or for business. Why don’t you buy Yakitori Bento to eat in your express train, Shinkansen, or in the plane? Have a nice evening with freshly made hot Yakitori Bento and cold SAPPORO CLASSIC beer.