“Hokuto Fishery” and “Oyster House Shiriuchi Banya” restaurants around Hokkaido Shinkansen stations

“Hokuto Fishery” and “Oyster House Shiriuchi Banya” are where you can try delicious shellfish! Southern Hokkaido is the area where fresh shellfish can be caught such as oyster, scallop, and surf clam. Stuff freshly grilled shellfish into your mouth!


“Hokuto Fishery”, where you can try various fresh shellfish of the season

“Kaisenyaki Hokuto Fishery” is located just by the port where the view is amazing. It’s 20 minutes by car from the Hokkaido Shinkansen stop “JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station”. 

It opened on 23 December 2015 as the company store of “Kamiiso Gyokyou”, which controls Hokuto City, Kikonai City, and Shiriuchi-Cho areas. People can enjoy grilled fresh shellfish and also buy them to take home.
Fresh shellfish are abundant in this area. You can try two kinds of oysters: Hokuto City’s new brand “Garou Oyster” and popular Shiriuchi brand “Shiriuchi Oyster”. They also have various other shellfish grew in Tsugaru Strait for customers, such as surf clam, scallop, and Ezo abalone. I am so excited about roasted purple sea urchin which will be provided from April to July. 


The name of Garou Oysters came from Garou Mine. Oysters grow in big pieces because of abundant mineral flowing from the mine to the ocean. It has complex sweetness and umami, the delicious taste. Garou Oysters are really rare because it can be eaten only at this restaurant right now. 


umami. How can I describe this happiness to bite it…! Beer is SAPPORO CLASSIC. 

The recommended way to eat is putting the grilled Garou Oysters on white rice and pour “Yagoshi kelp soy sauce” with natural kelp flavor. The oysters and kelp grew in the same ocean, rice is locally produced brand “Fukkurinko”. The collaboration of Hokuto ocean and ground, can not taste bad! This rice bowl used to be meals for staffs, but no wonder fans from the customers are increasing!

The restaurant is so popular so better to visit here in the morning or avoid lunch time.​


“Oyster House Shiriuchi Banya” where you can enjoy umami of Shiriuchi Oysters


This restaurant opened 10 January 2016. The restaurant is located about 15 minutes by car from “JR Kikonai Station” the Hokkaido Shinkansen the second station in Hokkaido area.


Shiriuchi-Cho is faced to Tsugaru Strait, and “Shiriuchi Oysters” are grown by this ocean. Oyster cultivation is usually practiced at quiet bay or inland sea, but they challenge cultivation at the open sea, which is really rare in Japan.​


Shiriuchi Oysters grow in the fast oceanic current so the shell is very chewy. They don’t get much smaller even if they are cooked and very chewy. They have strong tastes of course but have natural taste of salt since it grew at the open sea, pouring a little lemon juice is also recommended. 


And order these too! “Oyster Rice” with many pieces of oysters and “Oyster Soup”. The rice is so tasty with the juice of oysters all soaked. The price is only 500 yen together which is really reasonable. The best one coin meal ever. 



Of course, these restaurants are delicious, but also, the price is very reasonable. Why don’t you enjoy delicious oysters and other shellfish at these two restaurants?