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Release | Fumiko Magota

Suiraku Maruta in Betsukai, you can take a bite out of a super-sized scallop!

Betsukai city is located in the east area of Hokkaido, and about 40 minutes by car from Nakashibetsu Airport. What would you want to eat when you are in Bestukai for business or holidays? If you can’t decide, go to “Suiraku Maruta” in Odaito. This is an Izakaya owned by Hirotoshi Oosumi, who is the badger of three ports, the managing director of the processed marine products factory Oosumi-Shoten, and the star of Betsukai city’s promotion who can sing and dance.


Betsukai city catches various seafood throughout the year such as Hokkai Shima-ebi (prawns) and scallops.

If you want to taste the seafood in season, “order sashimi platter selected by the master. This contains much more amount than the price and extremely delicious”, Mr. Oosumi told me.

On the day I covered (early February), scallop, Oomai ruibe, and roque were in this amount!

店主おまかせ刺身盛り▲Sashimi platter selected by the master. It was only 1,000 yen.

Oomai is another name for Komai (a fish caught under ice), it changes the name when the fish grow up. Oomai can be caught only for 2 weeks and it’s really rare. 

“We offer Oomai on warm nights and let customers eat together with Nanban (Japanese chili peppers). The spiciness adds the flavor to it, and makes you want more beer”, says the Mr. Oosumi.

They never use frozen scallops, and Mr. Oosumi brought to our table the super-sized scallop, saying “if I got a stock…”

別海町のジャンボホタテ▲Mr. Oosumi (on the right)  holds the Betsukai specialty super-sized scallops. It’s huge!

The size maybe 20cm. Mr. Oosumi recommends to take a bite out of the super-sized scallop, and he gives the adductor muscles if you sit at the bar counter.

ホタテ▲The adductor muscle is huge, too! 10cm long and 2cm thick I think… 

The adductor muscle was so thick and I felt like it hold tight to my teeth. It was very chunky and tasty just with the salt from the sea water. You can not taste this thing everywhere! 

Other than that, fried scallop and Betsukai beef tatami are also recommended. Besukai beef is produced in the city, and called “Shimazaki Souken Beef”. It’s the hybrid of Black cow and Holstein. It is said that the balance of lean and fat.

ホタテフライ▲Fried scallops. They use the fresh non-frozen scallop, so very tasty and delicious!

部貝和牛のたたき▲Besukai beef tataki. Very soft, sweet, and juicy.

Mr. Oosumi is also the vice president of the Council for Regional Development, so he is also a star of Besukai city promotion, he sing and dance to promote Bestukai. 

“Besukai city is filled with natural beauty such as Netsuke Peninsula and Fuuren Lake, and a city to enjoy the beautiful view. Fish grew in this beautiful ocean is delicious, and the best hot spring is here as well! If you come to eastern Hokkaido, choose Betsukai for the base to sightseeing!”

When you stop by Besukai, come to “Suiraku Maruta” for dinner. Enjoy the fun night filled with delicious food. 
  • Suiraku Maruta in Betsukai, you can take a bite out of a super-sized scallop!

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Fumiko Magota