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Visit Matsuo Genghis Khan Honten in Takigawa!


“Matsuo Genghis Khan”, is it only people from Hokkaido who instantly start craving for Genghis Khan by just hearing this name? I went to Matsuo Genghis Khan Honten and found the limited menu!
The name of “Matsuo Genghis Khan" always comes up when people think about Genghis Khan in Hokkaido. Matsuo Genghis Khan has just celebrated its 60th anniversary. In Hokkaido, a remake TV commercial of the first generation with the song “Matsu-Matsu-Matsuo no Genghis Khan!” is playing right now. 
The lambs are dipped into the special sauce. The sauce made from local apple and onion juice, ginger, soy sauce, and 10 more kinds of spices, has not changed since the establishment.
I had special extra fine lamb Genghis Khan set. Cover the ditch around the iron plate with vegetables, and grill lambs at the center.  Not only the tender and juicy lambs are delicious, but vegetables with meat juice and sauce are tasty, too. I am so happy that I was born in Hokkaido!

松尾ジンギスカン特上ラム肉と野菜▲Extra fine lamb Genghis Khan set is recommended for Lunch (11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.) on weekdays. (Vegetables, rice, miso soup, salad, pickles / 1,380 yen * the picture shows the amount of 4 people)

松尾ジンギスカンのラムジンギスカン▲The secret sauce removes all the bad smell of lambs and makes it soft and delicious. Grill the lambs on the top of the iron plate, and boil the vegetable at the ditch.

I noticed the weekdays lunch limited menu at the Honten, “Special Genghis Khan Yakisoba”. Some noodles are acceptable even if I’m full, right?
The iron plate with Genghis Khan with the small cassette cookstove was carried by the staff. Noodles came on the different plate. I had to cook the yakisoba on my own, but how should I cook?

松尾ジンギスカンのジンギスカン焼きそばセット▲“Genghis Khan Yakisoba” is limited to weekdays lunch (11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.) and only 20 dishes are prepared. (On sale right now for 980 yen * usually 1,280 yen)

Grill the lamb slightly and put the noodles, then right after you put the sauce. “Mix all the ingredients well after you put the sauce. Be quick, because they burn pretty quickly!” the manager Mr. Yasuhara told me.

餡タレを投入してジンギスカン焼きそばをつくる▲Put the sauce on the ingredients, 

mix all the ingredients well and finish!

ジンギスカン焼きそばとサッポロクラシック▲Together with the SAPPORO CLASSIC beer!

The noodles use Haruytaka 100%, which is produced in Takigawa. The sweet sauce matches with the tasty and chunky noodles very well. Hokkaido Likers crew could not help saying “delicious!”. Glad we could be here!

Matsuo Genghis Khan made a special offer for Hokkaido Likers. You can get extra Mutton Genghis Khan 100g and Oolong Tea when you order this Genghis Khan Yakisoba. Just tell the staff that you read “Hokkaido Likers”. Genghis Khan Yakisoba is only available on weekdays lunch time, and limited to 20 dishes so if you really want to taste the menu, it’s better to make a reservation. 
[Special Offer] Available until the end of September 2016. (Only on weekdays lunch time * Genghis Khan Yakisoba is not available on 4/29〜5/8、8/11〜8/16)​

松尾ジンギスカンのジンギスカン焼きそば▲You can get lots of vegetables too.

Takigawa City is located in the middle of Sapporo City and Asahikawa City.
Those of you who are traveling to Hokkaido or living in Hokkaido, stop by Matsuo Genghis Khan Honten and enjoy delicious Genghis Khan and SAPPORO CLASSIC beer!​

松尾ジンギスカン本店外観▲Matsuo Genghis Khan Honten * Photo provided by Matsuo, Inc. 
  • Visit Matsuo Genghis Khan Honten in Takigawa!