The clothing advice for women traveling to Hokkaido during the Golden Week

Because Hokkaido is so huge, there is a gap of temperature between the cities. You can’t wear same clothes when you “go Hakodate and Shiretoko” or “go around whole Hokkaido”. 
I personally think that it’s hard to predict how the weather during the Golden Week would be. When I think about past 10 years, sometimes it snowed, or it got so hot like summer, or temperature changed so much from early Golden Week to late Golden Week as if it changed into a different season.
Therefore, this clothing guide is to prepare for anywhere and any weather. 

The basic for tops is “3 layers”

A long sleeve T-shirts or shirt + a cardigan + an outerwear.
The “3 layers” is the basic and best choice for tops during the Golden Week. Prepare for the difference of temperature by wearing layers.
For the materials, cotton or linen is fine. If the temperature seems to get high, you can wear short sleeves but it will be only a few hours during the day that is comfortable in short sleeves. It will be surprisingly cold after 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so make sure to bring something to put on; cardigan or outerwear.
Avoid wearing mesh cardigans and choose something that protects you from cold. Those cardigans will work as an outerwear during the day too.
As for the outerwear, the best choice is cotton or thick linen short jackets. Wearing just scarfs would be still cold. If you are going to eastern or northern Hokkaido, bring waterproof nylon outerwear. Temperature goes down so much at morning and night.

Still no bare legs and sandals

It’s still cold to be bare legs or wear sandals at anywhere in Hokkaido.
When you choose to wear skirts or short pants, make sure to wear leggings or tights. Do not wear sandals, but instead, wear sneakers or heels that cover your feet.
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Have fun in Hokkaido!