The limited flavor to the Only-Hokkaido beer brand SAPPORO CLASSIC series! This pink can design looks very new to us Hokkaido locals too. ​


Springlike taste with Hokkaido produced hop “Furanohonoka” and flavor hops

SAPPORO CLASSIC has just celebrated its 30th-anniversary last year in June, but its 31st year has started with this brand-new product. There must be so many people were surprised seeing the design of this beer’s can. The reason why? It’s pink! The pink SAPPORO CLASSIC! Blue had been the signature color of SAPPORO CLASSIC brand since it’s born, and I was extremely surprised. However, pink cans are super cute!


“SAPPORO CLASSIC HARU NO KAORI” uses Hokkaido produced hop “Furanohonoka” and flavor hop. Which together creates the beer with springlike aroma and fresh flavor.
“Furanohonoka” is a kind of aroma hop which has “Saaz” as a mother. The characteristics of “Furanohonoka” are very fruity and herbal aroma with superior bitterness.

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The design using pink color is very springlike too. “SAPPORO CLASSIC HARU NO KAORI” started selling from 29th March, only in Hokkaido. I am planning to have “SAPPORO CLASSIC HARU NO KAORI” at my hanami this year. ​