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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Shiretoko Donuts” from Nakashibetsu is super cute and super yummy!

Is it only me falling in love to this little bear inside the donut, “Kumagoron”? This super cute “Shiretoko Donuts” came from Nakashibetsu, a town in east Hokkaido.
These soft but yet tasty donuts are definitely must-try.


The sweets department of “Aji no Ohashi," the deli specialized store in Nakashibetsu loved by locals, produces this “Shiretoko Donuts”. 


The unique shape of their donuts is inspired by Shiretoko Mountain range. They don’t use oil and fry donuts, instead, they bake to create soft texture. They went through the experiments for about 6 month to achieve the best taste.

Their ingredients are Nakashibetsu milk, which is well known for excellent quality of milk, Shiretoko honey taken care of beekeeping by themselves, and salty caramel sauce also produced by themselves.

“Honey is a natural food, therefore taste differs each time you try. Enjoy our Shiretoko donuts including this characteristic”, Namika Takahashi, the assistant supporter of Aji no Ohashi says. 

There are 10 flavors, and the popular 5 donuts set includes Hokkaido milk, Shiretoko salt, cocoa chocolate, Hokkaido pumpkin, and chocolate chip. 


At first, their donuts were sold without Kumagoron.

Kumagoron donuts appeared around 2014. The branch “ecute Ueno” at Ueno station in Tokyo produced the donut with animals first. When the panda in Ueno zoo died, everyone suffered and they put small panda in the hole of donuts hoping it would fill the loneliness from the loss. This donuts became so popular, therefore for Hokkaido, they decided to put bears inside.

クマゴロン製造の現場▲The super cute faces of panda and Kumagoron are hand written. (Photography by Shiretoko donuts)

Another product “Caramel Langue De Chat” tastes similar to Shiretoko donuts and able to enjoy the exact taste of Shiretoko donuts. The cookies have unique texture, by turning the langue de chat cookies upside down. 


They are sold frozen, and good for 5 days in normal temperature. Their products are sold at Nakashibetsu airport and Shinchitose airport, so perfect for souvenir! Those super cute and super yummy sweets sure will be popular to your friends!

  • “Shiretoko Donuts” from Nakashibetsu is super cute and super yummy!

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Fumiko Magota