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Release | Takako Chiba

Taste the Shiroi Koibito soft serve at ISHIYA CAFÉ, located in the center of Sapporo

I think many people are aware of the famous confectionery from Hokkaido, “Shiroi Koibito”. Then, did you know about Shiroi Koibito soft serve? There are two places you can try this soft serve in Sapporo. Shiroi Koibito Park and Odori, the center of Sapporo!

ISHIYA CAFÉの白い恋人ソフトクリーム

In ISHIYA SHOP Sapporo odori nishi4 building. Store, not only you can purchase Shiroi Kobito and other confectionery produced by ISHIYA, on the B1 floor there is “ISHIYA CAFÉ” where you can taste the Shiroi Koibito soft serve!
ISHIYA CAFÉ店内▲The cafe is very cozy with British style chandelier and antique like chairs.

At this cafe, you can taste the “Shiroi Koibito soft serve”. This uses the same white chocolate from the confectionary Shiroi Koibito, and has the taste of Shiroi Koibito. You may think that white chocolate is too sweet, but the soft serve mixes white chocolate with milk that are produced in Hokkaido, so the taste is rather light! There are parfait menus using this soft serve. 
Also you can taste the popular souvenir “Shiroi roll cake” and “Shiroi Baum” here. What a nice cafe!

ISHIYA CAFÉの白いロールケーキ▲The “Shiroi roll cake”


In addition to these, they have this thick pancake! Everyone takes pictures when they see this.

ISHIYA CAFÉ名物、1枚の厚さ約3㎝×2枚のふわっふわホットケーキ▲So thick and I was surprised! You can choose the flavor of the sauce topped on the pancake.

Stop by ISHIYA CAFÉ when you come to Sapporo!
  • Taste the Shiroi Koibito soft serve at ISHIYA CAFÉ, located in the center of Sapporo

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Takako Chiba