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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Furanocchi” is Furano born potato chips

Experience deliciousness of potatoes from Furano as a snack. “Furanocchi”, produced by “JA Furano”, is a crispy and extremely delicious potato chips. Would you like to try with Sapporo Classic beer? You can purchase Furanocchi in Furano area.


“Furanocchi” is born from potatoes produced in Furano or other parts of Hokkaido. As for the kinds of the potatoes, they use Okhotsk Chip or Toyoshiro. Those kinds are produced specially for potato chips. During early autumn to spring, when potatoes are not able for harvest, they use the potatoes that are stocked in the storage where temperature and humidity are strictly managed, to keep the flavor of delicious potatoes. 

There are 4 kinds of flavors; salt, norishio (seaweed and salt), consommé (chicken soup), and garlic. Garlic is the newest which started selling from 2015. 

The factory manager of “JA Furano Shirera Furano Factory” Shinya Oikawa says “garlic is the flavor that seems to be already there but was not yet produced. The flavor is really strong and of all the 4 kinds, this is my favorite. The flavor perfectly matches with Sapporo Classic beer or  Kuro Label draft beer”


Fully worked out for deliciousness

“Furanocchi” was born in 2010. JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) was thinking about how to express the deliciousness of potatoes in Furano. They built a factory in Minami Furano Cho, and made a business partnership with one of the biggest snack cooperation “Koikeya”, and produced “Furanocchi” together. 

ふらのッちの工場でいもを選別している様子▲The factory in Minami-Furano. They are selecting potatoes for Furanochi.

There are 16 procedures including stuffing the finished products into boxes. However, their work is so speedy that it only takes 40 minutes! However, there are lots of works done to make the potato chips delicious.

For example, the mouthfeel of potato chips depends on the thickness. “If the thickness is not standardized, each pieces have different mouthfeel. So we have this slicing machine to standardize the thickness”, says Mr. Oikawa.

Even if they are producing the same product, they adjust the thickness by the amount of starch in each potatoes. If the edge of the slicer is not good, the final product gets affected so they often change the edges too.

Also, to flavor the potatoes, they put the potato chips in a drum and circulate. “By circulating, potato chips will have same amount of flavors so that the flavors will not differ by the pieces”.

I see, I don’t feel any difference between the pieces. 


Sanitation is strictly managed by AIB

The factory I saw from the observation isle, it looked very systematic and clean.

“In our factory, we adapt international food safety inspection “AIB Food Safety’s guidance and inspection system. We always score over 900 out of 1000 in the inspection from 2012, which we get awarded”, says Mr. Oikawa.

The production is also stunning in the sanitation. 

ふらのッちの製造現場と工場長▲Mr. Oikawa showed us the factory.

AIBのはた▲The flag which proves that AIB Food Safety’s guidance and inspection was done.

“Furanocchi” is sold at various stores in Furano area, such as “Michino Eki Furano” or “farmers market HOGAR“ in Furano Marche. 

Crispy potato chips from Furano that are able to feel the flavor of potatoes in Furano. 

I personally like norishio flavor, but other flavors are delicious too so when I go Furano by car, (even if I go there for work), I buy the assorted box as my souvenir! (The assorted box is sold at farmers market HOGAR)

Don’t you want to try buying a box of Furanocchi?

  • “Furanocchi” is Furano born potato chips

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Fumiko Magota