Went to a snowshoe tour to Kaminoko Pond in the middle of winter and the pond was really blue!

The popular sightseeing spot in Kiyosato-cho, eastern Hokkaido, Kaminoko Pond never freezes. Its cobalt blue color of the water in the white land is really beautiful! I will introduce the snowshoe tour to Kaminoko Pond.

Have you ever been to Kaminoko Pond when there are snow? It was first time for me, but I actually felt that winter is the better than summer, with cold and clear air.

I participated to an individual tour by the outdoor guide Mr. Shunsuke Hikichi from Kitami city “TAMARISK”. In this tour, you wear snowshoes and walk to Kaminoko Pond. The tour is about 1.5 to 2 hours.

This year got fewer snow than usual, “snow was piled up to mirror pole at the same time last year (the beginning of February)”, says Mr. Hikichi.

Still snow was up to my chest. However, the snow on the trail to the pond was just removed and it was really easy to walk on the day I participated to this tour. 


Encountered the beauty of nature on the way to the pond

Snow was fresh and nature around the trail was extremely beautiful. Snow was shining by the light of the sun.

I could not get to meet any animals this time, unfortunately even their foot prints were not seen because of the newly piled up snow. However, Mr. Hikichi says,

“During the tour, I often see deers sleeping in the forest or squirrels running around. I even have seen rabbits in the hole.”


Kaminoko Pond was blue in the winter too!

When I see this trail, I am almost Kaminoko Pond. I got thrilled and I looked at the pond.

It was blue! It was blue in the winter too! Oh my, how beautiful is this pond?

If you see closely, you will be able to see the bubbles and fishes. The transparency of the water is extremely high.

Had a break with warm drink that Mr. Hikichi prepared. By the way, why doesn’t this lake freeze?

“Kaminoko Pond is said to be made from the underground water of Mashu Lake. Which means, Kaminoko Pond does not freeze because it’s water is from a spring“, says Mr. Hikichi. 

Also the woods in the pond does not go rotten because the water temperature is rather low throughout the year, which is, around 8 degrees celsius always.

To those Kaminoko Pond fans all around the world, visit there in the winter! It was really nice. I felt like it was a totally different place from summer, in the cold air and all snowy white scenery. 

The snowshoe tour to Kaminoko pond by TAMARISK depends on the amount of snow but it may be operated until April. Kaminoko Pond is almost 1 hour from Nakashibetsu Airport by car.