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Release | Takako Chiba

Hokkaido’s winter taste “Tachi”. Tachipon, Tempura, Nigiri, which one’s your favorite?

Winter Hokkaido is full of delicious seafoods. Especially I would recommend for winter seasonal taste is cod milt. In some other parts of Japan, they call it “Kiku” or “Kumowata”, but in Hokkaido we generally call it “Tachi” or “Madachi”.
▲Many people could not eat Tachi when they are child because of this gross looking. 
Tachi is available from December to March, but it is said that January to February is the best season to taste Tachi.
I will introduce Tachi dishes that I would like all of you to try if you come to Hokkaido.
First of all is “Tachipon”. Tachipon is the best dish to taste the freshness of Tachi. After the pretreatment, cut Tachi into small portions. Then pour Ponzu (citrus based sauce with soy sauce) on, and put on some toppings such as Momiji Oroshi (grated daikon radish mixed with chili peppers).
▲This is “Tachipon”. Most of Izakaya restaurants in Hokkaido offer them as “recommendation of the day” during winter.
Tachipon has fresh and creamy taste. This smoothness is… oh I can’t describe by words!
Next is Tempura.
When you put a little heat to fresh Tachi, the taste gets stronger and deeper. Moreover, the texture gets even more creamy that everyone loses words when they have Tachi Tempura.
▲Inside the crispy batter, creamy Tachi appears!
Tachi is also eaten as sushi.
▲Tachi Gunkan
Tachi itself has salty taste from the sea water slightly, but with seaweed the taste gets stronger. Don’t care about what others think, just open your mouth big and finish it in one bite!
▲Amazing mariage of creamy Tachi, seaweed, and rice.
The dishes were prepared by master chef Mr. Nagasugi from “Sankai” in Susukino.

▲Master Chef of “Sankai”, Mr. Nagasugi. “Tachi is also delicious to saute with butter sauce.”
In “Sankai”, these 3 kinds of Tachi dishes are available every day during winter. Mr. Nagasugi says “Those 3 are the most popular Tachi dishes. Try them when you come to Sapporo!”.
There are lots of delicious food in winter Hokkaido, but if you find any Tachi dishes in Izakaya, please try the fresh seasonal taste! This is the REAL recommendation from me! 

Photograph cooperation: “Sankai” Susukino
  • Hokkaido’s winter taste “Tachi”. Tachipon, Tempura, Nigiri, which one’s your favorite?

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Takako Chiba