“DoDoDo Dosanko Marche 179”, the restaurant specializes food from 179 cities & towns in Hokkaido

“DoDoDo Dosanko Marche 179” was born as a restaurant that aims people to be aware about seasonal food, production areas, and producers through enjoying the food from Hokkaido. Those of you who are visiting Hokkaido, you’ll be able to enjoy “now” in Hokkaido here.


The restaurant delivers deliciousness from 179 cities and towns in Hokkaido

“DoDoDo Dosanko Marche 179” opened at 10th December 2015. Their speciality is, as the restaurant name indicates, using ingredients from 179 cities and towns in Hokkaido for the dishes. Though not always 179 cities and towns are provided, every ingredients have seasonal specialities, so the name also indicates to enjoy different seasonal ingredients throughout the year. Adding to that, not only the ingredients but also 179 cities and towns themselves are promoted as well. You will be able to grasp Hokkaido through the “deliciousness”. 


Production areas and producers are printed together in the menu. If you are familiar with cities and towns in Hokkaido, the name of them may catch your eyes.


You can drink “The Perfect Classic”!

There are Hokkaido drinks in this Hokkaido specialized restaurant. The beer in their menu is Hokkaido limited draft beer “Sapporo Classic”, but it is not the normal Sapporo Classic. Here they have “The Perfect Classic”. Perfect Classic has a strict regulation to clear “3Cs”; CREAMY, CLEAR, COLD. “The Perfect Classic” is not in every restaurant, it is available only in restaurants that are specially approved by Sapporobeer. 


Sapporo Classic matches well with any dishes. How about trying this beer with the popular menu “Overflowed Maki-Sushi”.


Another Hokkaido drink is “Yubari Melon Cocktail” and “Haskap Cocktail”. It’s not normal melon, “Yubari Melon”. 


“Yubari Melon Cocktail” has strong flavor and scent of juicy, sweet Yubari melon. This drink contains alcohol but it is so delicious that I had to be careful not to drink too much. Hakap cocktail has sourness of the fruits haskap. Tastes kind of like sparkling wines. 


Parfait for desserts

Even though if your stomach is full of delicious food used ingredients from Hokkaido, you still crave for desserts. “DoDoDo Dosanko Marche 179” recommends “Seasonal Parfait”. The seasonal gelato in the parfait is freshly made in the restaurant.


When I covered, seasonal parfait contained gelato of purple carrots, brussels sprouts, potatoes, and beets. They are all vegetables!



Those of you who wonder what to eat when visiting Sapporo for business or sightseeing, try this restaurant. You can taste “now” of Hokkaido.