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Lake Akan Ice Festival - Winter fireworks are overwhelming!


This event is held on the frozen Lake Akan! It’s right middle of the winter so coldness is natural. Lake Akan Ice Festival is to “enjoy” this coldness. The overwhelming Fuyu-Hana-Bi (winter fireworks) are set off everyday!


The winter fireworks decorates the winter sky

This year is 38th Lake Akan Ice Festival. This event to enjoy the coldness has become one of the most popular winter events in Hokkaido.
The venue is “on” the frozen Lake Akan. It’s only 2-3 minutes walk from the hotels on the sides of the lake. Lake Akan is 5-10m depth, but during winter the frozen lake creates thick ice layer, which allows you to walk on the lake. You may be worried if it’s going to crash, but the ice is so thick that it is about 50 to 70 cm.


The event is held everyday from 1st February to 13th March and opens from 7:30 p.m. Lots of winter activities are held, such as cutting ice (free), mini game simulating curling (free) etc. Also at the main stage, there will be a fire ceremony by Ainu.
Then at 8:10 p.m., the event sets off 330 fireworks.


It will be truly freezing at night, so if you are going to visit Lake Akan Ice Festival, wear as much as you can and protect yourself from the coldness.


The picture of “Lake Akan Ice Festival” is printed on Sapporobeer “Hokkaido Winter Festival Can”

9 different winter festivals are printed on the limited design can “Hokkaido Winter Festival Can” of Sapporobeer’s Sapporo Draft Beer Kuro Label & Sapporo Classic, which started selling from 26th January only in Hokkaido. 

サッポロ生ビール黒ラベル&サッポロクラシックの「北海道冬のまつり缶」Photo by Tomoya Suwa

サッポロクラシックの「北海道冬のまつり缶」▲“Lake Akan Ice Festival” is printed on “Hokkaido Winter Festival Can”. The fireworks are used as a motif.

This is a perfect idea for souvenir from a visit to Lake Akan Ice Festival. Don’t you want to try shooting a picture at the festival, since this is a limited can?

サッポロクラシックの「北海道冬のまつり缶」▲For example, this photo is shot at Hachimanzaka in Hakodate, which is used as a motif for Hakodate Winter Festival.
Photo by Tomoya Suwa

If you could capture a beautiful photo at Lake Akan Ice Festival like this, submit your picture to our Hokkaido Likers Gallery with #hokkaidolikers !
Hokkaido Likers Gallery


Lake Akan Ice Festival

- Dates / 1st February - 13th March
- Venue / Akanko Onsen, Event Site on the frozen Lake Akan
- Inquiry / Akan Tourism Association TEL: +81-154-67-3200


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