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Report from 2016 The 67th Sapporo Snow Festival!

2016 Sapporo Snow Festival is held from 5th February to 11th February at 3 sites; Odori, Tsudome, and Susukino. Tsudome site has extended the dates until 18th February! There are lots of must-sees. Here is my quick report from the Sapporo Snow Festival sites!


The popular projection mapping show is held at 3 sites!

At Odori site snow sculptures stand between 1-chome and 12-chome and lighten up at night until 10:00 p.m. Of those sculptures, three of them does projection mapping show. The show will is played repeatedly.

大通会場2丁目「北海道を駆けぬけろ!」▲Odori 2-chome; “Run in Hokkaido!” The horse runs very speedy!

大通会場7丁目「マカオ 聖ポール天主堂跡」▲Odori 7-chome; “The Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macau”. Spectacular picture will be projected to the giant 17m tall snow sculpture.

大通会場8丁目「2016年3月26日開業!北海道新幹線」▲Odori 8-chome; “Hokkaido Shinkansen, Opens on March 26, 2016”. This picture of Hokkaido Shinkansen is life-sized!


There will be total of 126 snow sculptures in Odori sites, plus a skate rink!

At Odori site, there will be other attractions adding to the snow sculptures. Such as a skate rink, food strolls and much more!

大通会場1丁目のスケートリンク▲Odori 1-chome; rental shoes (with a charge) are available at the skate rink.

大通会場2丁目の大氷像「つながる~いよいよ開業!北海道新幹線~」▲Odori 2-chome; The Giant Ice Sculpture “Connected—The Opening is Coming Soon! Hokkaido Shinkansen"

大通会場3丁目「白い恋人 PARK AIR ジャンプ台」▲Odori 3-chome; at “Shiroi Koibito (White Lovers) PARK AIR Jumping Platform”, you will be able to see ski & snowboard players’ jumps very closely.

大通会場4丁目「進撃の巨人、サッポロ襲来!」▲Odori 4-chome; “Invasion of Shingeki no Kyojin into Sapporo”. I was overwhelmed by this giant sculpture from Attack on Titan!

大通会場5丁目東「さっぽろ 冬物語」▲Odori 5-chome East; the play “The Winter’s Tale” is held everyday.

大通会場5丁目西の大氷像「台湾―女王頭(クイーンズヘッド)と平渓派出所」▲Odori 5-chome West; beautiful at night with the lights, Large Ice Sculpture “Taiwan—The Queen’s Head and the Pingxi Police Box” 

大通会場10丁目は、アニメ放送開始30周年記念! 「ドラゴンボール超(スーパー)」▲Odori 10-chome; celebrating its 30th anniversary of anime Dragon Ball! Large Snow Sculpture “The 30th Anniversary of Anime Television Series, ‘Dragon Ball Super’; Son Goku & Vegeta”

五郎丸選手▲Citizen’s snow sculpture is very well built. Japanese football player Goroumaru was so popular!

北海道の食を提供するブース▲The strolls that provide Hokkaido food is another attraction of Sapporo Snow Festival.

大通会場3丁目会場のコーンポタージュと釧路産ジンジャー入りのホットモヒート▲Odori 3-chome; corn potage and hot mojito with ginger from Kushiro is very warm!


Souvenir recommendation is “Sapporo Style”

“Sapporo Style booth” located in south east of the Odori 5-chome site, there are many cute goods that are designed in snow land design taste. I can recommend here to look for unique souvenir from Sapporo.
キャンドル、フェルト小物、和紙、ガラス作品など▲candles, felt goods, Japanese paper, glassworks, etc are very popular to tourists. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Tsudome site is filled with playful snow attractions!

At Tsudome site, which can be easily accessed from Odori site by the shuttle bus, you can experience the fun of winter Hokkaido through tube slider or creating snowmen. The event date is extended a week until 18th February. The content will be changed through the dates, so please refer to the official website for latest informations.

たくさんの雪だるまがお出迎え▲Countless snowmen welcomes you. There are snow rafting area and snow maze.

チューブスライダー▲Tube slider is popular to adults as well. There are lots of other sliders too.

屋内施設の飲食ブース▲The food strolls are inside the tent at Tsudome site, which warms your body.

子どもたちが大喜びしそうな遊具▲Many plaything is prepared for children

Ice sculpture lined up at Susukino site

As the event title is “Susukino Ice World 2016”, there will be 60 ice sculptures displayed at the main street in Susukino. Adding to the sculptures, there are photo spots and the area which you can try curling.

氷像の彫刻▲Pay attention to the fineness of the ice sculptures!

魚が入った氷像▲This annual ice sculpture with real fish in it is one of the most popular work through the event.

カーリング▲Small children can try curling as well. 

スポットは記念撮影▲Photo spots where you can touch or ride on the ice is very popular!

Sapporo Snow Festival is not only viewing snow sculptures, but also there are various attractions; where you can play with snow, experience Hokkaido, and eat delicious Hokkaido food! The site is a little slippery and temperature is very low, so prepare to warm yourself up and come visit the Sapporo Snow Festival!


The 67th Sapporo Snow Festival


Dates /
- Odori and Susukino site: 5th February - 11th February 2016
- Tsudome site: 5th February - 18th February 2016 

Venue /
- Odori Site: Odori Nishi 1 Chome – 12 Chome. * Light up is until 10:00 p.m.
- Tsudome Site: Sapporo Sports Facility "Tsudome" (Sakaemachi 885-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo). 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. * some of the attractions are until 4:00 p.m. * Dates are until 18th February
- Susukino Site: Ekimae-dori from Minami 4-Jo to Minami 7-Jo *Light up is until 11:00 p.m., the last day is until 10:00 p.m.
  • Report from 2016 The 67th Sapporo Snow Festival!

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Eri Makino