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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Glass Forest in Furano”, SHIBARE frosting glassware and glass workshops

20 minutes by car from central Furano. In the area called Rokugo which is famous as the location site of the Japanese TV drama “From Northern Country”, a glass atelier “Glass Forest in Furano” is located.

The Glass Forest in Furano is a lot to see with 7 different segments! Each segment caters to different themes such as “4 seasons in Furano”, “Spring to autumn in Furano”, “High quality tablewares” and different styles of glass crafts.

グラス・フォレスト  in 富良野の内観

グラス・フォレスト  in 富良野の製品

Cracks develop!? “SHIBARE frosting glassware”

Among all the glasswares, the most popular is the atelier’s original product “SHIBARE frosting glassware”. This series is created by the supervisor Mr. Kohno. The glasswares have tiny cracks designed with the image of diamond dust.

しばれ硝子▲SHIBARE frosting glasses and mugs

Diamond dust is a natural phenomenon that happens when vapor freeze and construct tiny ice crystals. In Furano city, “SHIBARERU” (extremely cold in Hokkaido language) days which the temperature goes down to -10 to -20 degrees celsius continue for weeks or month. In the area like this, you will be able to see beautiful diamond dust sparkles in the sun lights.

オレンジ色にしばれ硝子のコップ▲Can you see the cracks?

The secret of this beautiful crystal is the three layered glass. Different material of glass is set between the heat-resistant glass, thus the cracks appear.

There are various types of glasswares such as almighty cups, tumblers, yunomi, mugs, and you are able to choose from all colors. All the glasswares are heat-resistant and you can pour hot drinks too. They seem useful, aren’t they?



The most interesting thing is that cracks continue to develop for three to five years from the production of the glassware.

“You will be able to hear the cracking sound as you use. Enjoy the development of the cracks.” Mr. Shimo, the general manager says.

しばれ硝子のひびの様子▲On the right is the one just created, on the left is the one has developed the cracks. 

The Glass Forest in Furano organizes hands-on art and crafts workshops as well

Visitors can try their own glass jewelry or gel candle making, or blow their own unique glass vase or cup. There are plenty of workshop classes.

This time I tried making “crystal sun catcher”. It is an ornament to hang on the window side. It gives the rainbow lights to the floor and wall through the sun lights.

It is very easy to make, you just have to put through crystal glass and beads to synthetic fiber thread. It is fun to create and think about the design and colors.

サンキャッチャーの材料▲Crystal sun catcher pieces

サンキャッチャー制作風景▲Pick the pieces you like and thread them

完成したサンキャッチャー▲The finish work will be like this

It was a cozy and happy time for me to see sparkling glass artworks with music box sounds at a glass atelier. Why don’t you stop by this glass atelier after skiing or lavender viewing?

  • “Glass Forest in Furano”, SHIBARE frosting glassware and glass workshops

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Fumiko Magota