Winter horse sleigh riding at Historical Village of Hokkaido!

Do you know a unique vehicle in regions with heavy snowfalls? It’s a “horse sleigh”. Don’t you want to try riding a horse sleigh with jingling bells, pulled by a horse native of Hokkaido? The place you will be able to do this is “Historical Village of Hokkaido”, where historical buildings from the mid 19th Century to early 20th Century is reassembled and reconstructed.
The horse sleigh goes back and forth from the entrance and the total duration is about 10 minutes.
By the way, Hokkaido is one of the biggest horse breeding grounds. In 2004, “Horse culture in Hokkaido” is registered as one of Hokkaido Heritage. As the term for Hokkaido native horses “Dosanko” is also used for “Hokkaido native PEOPLE”, Hokkaido and horse can never thought separately. 
Sleighs to carry woods, snow, and people are now disappeared, but they are reborn as sightseeing horse sleigh and entertain us nowadays.
When you actually ride, you will feel more speed than you thought when you are looking at it. Especially when the road is icy, the back seats will be twisted by centrifugal force. However, horse never runs as speedy as people fall down, so even little children can ride safely. Actually, it gives you a little thrill that makes you feel as if you are riding on a horse.
This horse sleigh riding is only available when there is snow. If you come to Sapporo for sightseeing during the winter season, come visit Historical Village of hokkaido! The horse sleigh riding is available every weekends and national holidays until March, and everyday during Sapporo Snow Festival. Children (3-14 years old) are 130 yen per person, Adults (15+) are 270 yen per person.