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Release | Fumiko Magota

Food, flowers, variety shops! Report from Furano Marche 2


On June 2015, 2nd store of Furano Marche, “Furano Marche 2” opened. Furano Marche 2 is a shopping complex sells not only food but also variety goods and flowers, which is totally different attraction from Furano Marche.

Selling products from Furano Candle Studio and famous Furano lavender in summer, Furano Marche 2 sells Furano related products intended for tourist to enjoy shopping.


One of the shops Irodorina (彩り菜) sells organic agricultural products developed by local farmers.

こだわり富良野の店 彩り菜

It was December when I covered. Many of the vegetables on the shelves were root vegetables, however it is said that all the vegetables can be developed in Hokkaido are able to develop in Furano, Furano is an area with various agricultural products. Therefore, in spring and summer, the shelves will be filled with colorful and various fresh vegetables.

こだわり富良野の店 彩り菜で売っていた野菜

Instead of fresh vegetables, processed goods made by local farmers are sold during winter. Examples are tomato and carrot juice, jam, curry, honey…etc. All of them are made by local farmers from ingredients. Everything looked so good that I could not stop looking at them for few minutes.

こだわり富良野の店 彩り菜の農産加工品

There are take out food shops and cafe, and also in the back, there is an atrium called TAMARIBA. Events such as beer party and concert is held here. 


Furano Marche 2 is located across Furano Marche. Visit both of shops when you go ski or snowboarding to near mountains!


By the way, in Furano Marche, Furanokko Honpo closed on November 2015, and a Takoyaki shop “Konayakidokoro Tasuki” has opened. Try takoyaki there too!

  • Food, flowers, variety shops! Report from Furano Marche 2

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Fumiko Magota