KANPAI at Hakodate Beer Hall!

Hakodate Beer Hall is a beer specialized restaurant in Hakodate built with red bricks, where has limited beers that only provided here, and lots of foods that intended to enjoy with beer! 


Hakodate Red Beer Hall is located at Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

Hakodate is a city with port. Hakodate port opened in 1859 as one of the first international trading ports of Japan. Now warehouse on the bayside is a shopping complex, which Hakodate Red Beer Hall too chose to run business here. You can also take tram and get off at “Jujigai” station, but it’s also a walking distance from Hakodate station. Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is also very close to the sightseeing spot Motomachi area, just run down the hill then you’ll see the beautiful red bricks.

▲Inside Hakodate Beer Hall. Very classical atmosphere!

* There is Santa Clause because it was christmas time when I covered.


Predecessor of Hakodate Beer Hall is “Hakodate Beeer Hall” which was in Yachigashiracho from 1898 to 1904. Time passed and Hakodate Beer Hall closed its business for about a century, but in 1988 Hakodate Beer Hall opened again at Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. 




As the restaurant is called “beer hall”, their speciality is of course beer! Such as Sapporo Classic (サッポロクラシック) which is only drinkable in Hokkaido, and Hakodate Kaitakushi Beer (函館開拓使ビール). By sitting in this restaurant, I can feel the Hakodate citizens back in early 20th century, drinking beer and talking about future of Hokkaido.



Not only Hakodate Kaitakushi Beer, but until March you will be able to enjoy limited Kanemori Beer (金森麦酒). Because it is limited, sale ends when all the stock is sold out. Kanemori Beer can be tasted at the table or purchased bottles for souvenir.


You’ll be shocked when you try “Western Nikujaga by Hakodate Beer Hall”

Food menu that go with beer is extensive but you know you are in Hakodate. You should be craving for fresh seafood, like sashimi and sushi. Don’t worry. Hakodate Beer Hall of course has sashimi and sushi on the menu. Their sushi is actually not bad quality, in fact is great because they are prepared by professional sushi chef who also runs sushi specialized restaurant in Hakodate city. 


However, Hokkaido Likers staff was shocked by the menu “Western Nikujaga* by Hakodate Beer Hall”, which Assistant Manager Mr. Nakazawa recommended as a food which perfectly matches with beer. 
* Nikujaga is a Japanese dish of meat, potatoes, and onion stewed in soy sauce.



Western Nikujaga by Hakodate Beer Hall is totally new type of nikujaga. It’s something between beef stew and nikujaga, but tomatoes and fond de veau gives a tasty flavor. Potatoes are very sweet and flaky. Putting together those potatoes and beef makes me want more and more and more beer!



KANPAI at Hakodate Beer Hall!

Especially end of the year and new year is the most crowded time of the year, because many people come back from Tokyo and other cities to Hakodate to see their families during winter holidays. There are also bar seats so don’t worry if you are by yourself. 



Hakodate Beer Hall is open through new year holidays too! When you come to Hakodate, stopping by this beer hall is a good idea to enjoy Hokkaido speciality beer and food.