"FUNABA FARM" - Delicious farm fresh deli and café in Kyogoku Town.


Kyougoku Town in Abuta area is about one and a half hours drive west of the main city of Sapporo. This small village is said to be famous for it's rich spring water which is fed from Mt Yotei.


The log house, café and deli operates right next to farms located at the foot of Mt Yotei. The café and deli uses the freshest seasonal non-standard produce from these surrounding farms.



We talked with Miss Shoko Senba who is the manager of the shop, "My family was working with seafood in a Japanese style pub (called "izakaya" in Japanese), so I really hadn't had any experience or even thought about my local area. However over time I gradually began to consider the food that was produced around me and in what way it could be used directly. After the idea of using only local area food grew inside me, I decided to open this cafe."  

"One problem for producers in the area was 'non-standard' vegetables. Non-standard vegetables are those with and irregular or unusual shape. These vegetables will not be purchased by major retailers so and basically unsellable. I wanted to think how these could be used in a way that the public would still want them and they wouldn't be wasted simply because they were not the usual shape that people expected. One way was to pickle the vegetables and jar them. Here they are cut so the shape is of no concern. We first created pickled carrots but now have a whole range of delicious variations."



"As well as the pickles many people would ask about whether there was a restaurant serving local food. So the cafe was born. Here lots of dishes, including for example, the quiches, salads and even 100% carrot juice are all made from local non-standard vegetables.

With a magnificent view of Mt Yotei in the distance you can sit and enjoy farm fresh, daily cooked food. The view and types of vegetables change through the summer but not the standard of food. It is a peaceful relaxing way to have some great eats with friends, family or even by yourself. All are welcome. 




This view is now commonplace for the locally born and raised Miss Senba, but she would like many others to experience this wonderful area.


From around July the seasonal vegetables start pouring in, so why not come past and stop in for a freshly picked meal of summers finest produce at the foot of  Mt Yotei?!

 Deli & café - FUNABA FARM


044-0131 北海道虻田郡京極町字川西172-46
044-0131 Hokkaido, Abuta, Kyougoku town. Kawanishi 172-46
TEL : 090-1529-5825

(Hokkaido Likers Writer - Miyashita)