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Release | Chiaki Uzurahashi

The rich natural cheese cake of Tokachi’s Toteppo Workshop - Obihiro

Just a ten-minute walk from Obihiro Station is the Toteppo Promenade.  As this railway became known for transporting Tokachi’s signature beet sugar, it was given the nickname Toteppo. One shop that became synonymous with Tokachi sweets is the Tottepo Factory, which frequently used its namesake railway to ship products in a timely manner. 

▲Tottepo Factory is located along the Tokachi railway line
The wheat, milk, butter, egg, and beet sugar, all Hokkaido products, make Tokachi’s sweets so exceptional and its these products that Tottepo Factory makes a point to use for its sweets. Tokachi is known as Hokkaido’s dairy home, where there are many cheese makers.  It’s from this focus on cheese that the Natural Cheese Cake was born. 
There are two flavors.  One is made from a blend of three types of Tokachi cheese, called Three Fromage, and the other is made with a camembert base, called Camembert Fromage. 

▲The Three Fromage cheese cake on the right, Camembert Fromage on the left.
In one bite, the flavor of the cheese floods your mouth.  The camembert in particular gives the cake a sense of depth.  Both cakes are delicious without being overwhelming.  Their bite-size, cute shape adds to the charm of this Hokkaido treat.

▲They may be small but they are full of rich flavor.  They make a nice addition to Hokkaido’s repertoire of gourmet souvenirs.
One more thing I want to show you is the Tottepo Roll Cake (cheese).  The cake possesses a light taste of saltiness from the cream cheese used, perfectly complementing the sweetness of the cake. 

▲Toteppo Roll (cheese) – soufflé-type roll
Pastry chef, Takeshi Oda talked with us a bit about the Toteppo creations.
“One of the charms of Toteppo products is the close relationship between us and the Tokachi dairy farmers.  Of course I love to see the smiling faces of customers, but it also makes me happy to please our farmers by creating great confections with their milk and cheese.  Making something that makes them proud allows us to have a close relationship.  In that sense, we really make these products together.”
Knowing how close these sweets are made to the farm only adds to their appeal.

▲Pastry chef, Takeshi Oda. He makes a habit of using the freshest and best ingredients for his sweet creations.

▲You can watch the cakes being made in the kitchen from behind the glass. 
With its nice café space, the Tokachi Factory is a great place for a break along your Tokachi tour.  Tokachi’s famous sweets are sure to please both Hokkaido natives and visitors alike. 

▲In addition to sweets, the Tokachi Factory also sells natural cheese.

▲Looking to the south from the store, you’ll see an ongoing train exhibition. 
※ The Natural Cheese Cake is available online from the factory website, Sapporo’s Chitose Airport, as well as at Daimaru Sapporo Department Store.

●Tokachi Toteppo Factory
Obihiro Nishi 6-jo Minami 17-chome 3-1
帯広市西6条南17丁目3-1 TEL.0155-21-0101
・Facebook Page

[ Hours of Operation ]
Late April – September:  9:00 – 20:00
October – Late April: 10:00 – 19:00
( No regularly scheduled holidays )

※Information as of early June, 2013
  • The rich natural cheese cake of Tokachi’s Toteppo Workshop - Obihiro